I'm not posturing for 2022 - Lacson to bashers

I'm not posturing for 2022 - Lacson to bashers

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has been hitting the news again because his criticisms as against the actions of the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with respect to the 22 Filipino fishermen in the alleged collision between them and a Chinese vessel.

Supporters of the President has slammed Lacson alleging he is making himself known thru media all because of the intention of the presidency come next presidential elections in 2022.

Check the news, almost everything that has happened that has national significance, Lacson has an opinion about it. Most notably he is very critical of Duterte regarding the West Philippine Sea.

Senator Panfilo Lacson (photo credit to owner)

The senator has this thing to say to those who are bashing him and accusing him of posturing for 2022 : “To those accusing me of posturing for 2022, I am not,” 

“I am just myself – mostly serious, sometimes funny, naughty, controversial, dull, boring,” Lacson pointed out in a Twitter post.

Lacson explained that he loves Twitter as it makes him  “think,  fact-check, google  and learn.”

So far, Lacson  said he has over 22,000  followers and has been following 374 people.

The senator has also blocked 448 accounts.
Lacson over the weekend shared a “sound advice” in Twitter as to how to deal with a basher that is persistent and you can no longer ignore.

“Kill him by natural cause, or make his blood boil to suffer a stroke,” he said.

“Never mind if you’re dealing with a troll. For all you know, you’re hitting a real person,”

The senator has been active on Twitter as he also uses  it  to issue a statement  on a lot of national issues issues.

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