Gordon : ‘Let us not build China’s defenses for them’

Gordon : ‘Let us not build China’s defenses for them’

Everybody has its own opinion regarding the recto incident, and that even includes Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Richard Gordon.

Gordon sais that the Philippine government should “stick to its strongest position” and not “build China’s defenses for them.”

“Our strongest position right now in our quest for justice is that everybody agrees that they were abandoned. Let us not build China’s defenses for them,” Gordon said in a statement. 

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The senator took note of the Vietnamese statements which corroborated the account of the Filipino fishermen, that they were abandoned and afterwards rescued by the former.

Gordon wants the Chinese government to explain the abandonement.

“They have not even explained to us yet and we’re telling them that we’re changing our minds that it was intentional. That’s not the point,” Gordon said.

“At the rate this is going, we might end up with the poor Filipino fishermen admitting that they were really trying to commit suicide,” he added

The senator made the statement after Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, in a press conference “concluded” for the fishermen that the boat’s captain was no longer sure if the incident was intentional or accidental. 

Gordon points out that the Filipino fishermen need justice and respect from China, not the government trying to appease them through “gifts”

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