Reasons why you should consider voting Bato Dela for Senator

Reasons why you should consider voting Bato Dela for Senator

Many have made their decision as to who they will vote for this coming Monday.

Others will vote straight for the administration bets and other will vote for the Liberal Party led Otso Diretso senatorial bets.

All have been said and reasoned out, but there is one senatorial candidate we may call as a late bloomer so to speak, big thanks for CNN Philippines for making him look good (and his opponents as bad).

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We are talking about the former Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, the mastermind behind the controversial “Oplan Tokhang” who now aspires one seat in the Senate.

For purposes of public knowledge we are quoting in full the list made by  blogger Mr. Noel Landero Sarifa who took notes in the CNN Philippines sponsored Senatorial debate.

My take on War on Drugs CNN Debate.

Gen. Bato Dela Rosa speaks the truth. When the opponents try to pin him down, the opponents fell and Bato rise up.

Bato wins 5 out of 5.

Debate Topic: Where are we on War on Drugs

Round 1

Diokno vs. Bato

Gen Bato is right, we still have a long way towards a drug free Philippines. Now, drugs are being imported by the drug dealers. Don't take this out of context and make it appear that the government is behind the importation( just like the news headline from a known magazine tries to imply). His point was, before war on drugs, the production of drugs was done here in the Philippines and the previous administration has done nothing about it. PDEA was able to shut down Ecstasy lab in Malabon, Shabu Lab in Pampanga, Bulacan etc. Authorities have dismantled a total of 235 drug dens and shabu laboratories. Since they shutdown production of supply inside the country, the drug syndicate has no option but to import drugs.

And yes, it is right that if we impose death penalty with drug traffickers we will minimize importation of drugs in our country.

Diokno rebuttal is, small time lang daw and tinitira ng Duterte Administration. Nasaan daw ang mga drug lords. Puro mahihirap lang ang biktima ng war on Drugs. Diokno is wrong.

Nakalimutan na ata ni Diokno ang Cebu's Top Drug Lord (Jaguar), Parajinog Clan of Ozamiz , Mayor Espinosa ng Albuera, Odicta ng Iloilo. Hindi pa ba mga big time mga to?

Nakalimutan nya na din ata na ang kaibigan nya at isa sa mga top government official na linked sa drug trade ay nasa kulungan ngayun, at natigil na din ang VIP treatment sa high profile inmate na si Colanggo. Ilang Druglords ba kailangan masupil? Alam ba ni Mar Roxas? Kasi alam nya kung saan nakakakuha e, alam nya ang source.

Gen. Bato rebuttal is right again. The situation is pyramidal. Wag nga naman makisawsaw ang walang alam. Nakakatakot naman kung ang number ng drug lords is madami and almost the same with the user. If that is how it is. It will speak on how the Aquino Administration has done nothing to stop it. When you say war, you should not be selective. Mahirap o mayaman kasali, nagkataon lang na kukunti lang ang mayaman at mas madami ang mahihirap kaya pinapalabas ng kalaban na mahihirap lang ang biktima.

Diokno vs. Bato: Bato wins

Round 2

Macalintal VS. Bato

Macalintal said kawawa naman ang 20,000 victims on war on drugs. I don't know where he get his number. He is wrong, as per the real numbers February 2019, the total drug personalities who died in anti-drug war operation is 5,104. These are killed on legit operation, mga nanlaban kaya napatay.

Bato is Right, the opposition is only concerned with the drug addict and pushers slain but never actually an advocate for the victims of these drug addicts, drug pushers and drug lords.

Macalintal VS. Bato: Bato Wins

Round 3

Gutoc Vs. Bato

Gutoc says "Nauna tayo sir sa killing before prevention so ang aking problema sir, before ka makisawsaw sa war-on-drugs, sawsawan mo muna ‘yung strengthening the pillars of the justice system".She's definitely wrong.

Bato's rebuttal is his experience on the war zone. Self defense, as Duterte said the authorities need to protect themselves as long as they will implement the law sasaluhin sila ng Presidente.

Well, Gen. Bato was the chief of PNP, baka nakalimutan ni Gutoc. Hindi lang dapat makisawsaw si Bato sa war on Drugs he was task to lead the war on drugs. Oplan tokhang is Masterminded by Bato himself. Ung prevention dapat nangyari yan sa Panahon ni Pnoy. Gutoc might have forgotten that the the first pillar on war on Drugs is already infested with 7-8Millions drug users, so the second Pillar needs to be implemented which is the Law Enforcement.

If Gutoc wanted to bring all drug case to our prosecutors, good luck. Magiging bayaran ng piyansa na lang ang labanan. Our justice system is the most corrupt. They will just feed those corrupt Judges and lawyers. The best thing to prevent/stop this is to instill fears to the citizens. Stop them, before they even think of getting themselves involve in drug use and sales or continue doing it. If they have not started these drug war, Bato is right, we are already a narco state.

Gutoc VS. Bato: Bato Wins

Round 4

Hilbay Vs. Bato

Hilbay said that the war on Drugs has failed since according to the president the drug problem has worsen.

Gen. Bato said that the Filipino people speaks for themselves, 66% of them agrees that the drug incident in their area has gone down.

Yes, the drug problem has worsen, not because the war on drugs is ineffective, it is because the force behind the drug trade exerted more efforts na maipasok ang droga. The drug syndicate purposely influx the amount of drugs in the country to make it appear that the government is losing the war.

The opponent wants to stress that this war on drugs is a failure, so they can pin down this government. We cannot have a drug free Philippines because no nation is and will ever be. Drug syndicate are very persuasive, they will kill, and do everything to run their business. If the government is able to minimize it to it's smallest form, provide the strongest force to prevent the influx of drugs and make this country a safe haven for it's citizens then we won!

Hilbay Vs. Bato: Bato won

Round 5

Erin Tanada VS. Bato:

Well, Bato was not able to answer him but Erin Tanada Statement made him a loser. Sabi ni Tanada tatsulok daw ang war on drugs ayon kay Gen. Bato and dapat walisin yong nasa ilalim. Tanada was trying to make himself correct with strong points but providing the said statement only proves he was not listening.

Gen Bato did not say that, sa ilalim lang ang wawalisin. Ang ibig sabihin ni Bato pyramiding means madami ang mga users na mahihirap kaya mahihirap lang ang napapansin nilang biktima ng war on drugs. What Gen. Bato said was very clear, they cannot be selective. If they go to war, dapat lahat, not because they are rich or poor.

Erin Tanada without Bato: Bato wins.

The real numbers don't lie. We are winning. There are 170,689 alleged drug personalities have been arrested by police officers, who include 295 government employees, 263 elected officials, and 69 uniformed personnel. There are more than 11,000 barangay out of 42,044 were cleared from illegal drugs.The PNP and PDEA confiscated P25.94 billion in drugs and laboratory equipment, including P19.14 billion worth of shabu.The lowering number of crime rates in the country is a big win for us.

We know now that the drug dependent, users in the Philippines is seven to eight million not just 1.7Million. Knowing the real numbers, the government will be able to come up with a working solution to address this. (Wow, kaya naman pala ang daming ayaw sa War on Drugs, kasi andami nila. Pero mas marami ang gustong maresolve to di ba?.)With More than 1Million who surrender and the nation was able to see the gravity of Drug problem, we are winning. Kapag ang drug addict takot sa mga pulis at hindi yong mga tao at pulis ang takot sa mga addict, we won.

Those Senatoriable who gang up against General Bato are unprofessional and no better than bullies. They did not shine, but shows their true color and failed.

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