President Duterte says his presidency a ‘gift from God’

President Duterte says his presidency a ‘gift from God’

More than half in his 6 year term as President , the Chief Executive from Davao cannot help but remember the past.
Now he looks back and sees his presidency as a gift from God, because the country little that we know was turning to be a narco-state.
"Hindi naman ako nagyayabang. I'm not the type na may hangin, pero na-timing lang. Mabuti't na lang ako ang na-presidente," he said during a campaign rally in Garcia-Hernandez town, Bohol.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to owner)

In his campaign he only had three main thrust, promising to rid the country of corruption, illegal drugs, and crime.
He was that candidate in the 2016 Presidential elections who had little support, no influential political party and no war chest to mount a nationwide campaign. He remembers only a handful of political figures and the Chinese community only rallied support for him.
"Even little time to campaign and money wala talaga and yet I won. So I said, 'yung pagka-presidency ko is really a gift from God. Masabi ko na ngayon," he said.
The mid-term elections has always been a referendum of some sorts to the elected President,Duterte who enjoys record high approval and trust ratings from the people from recent surveys, has called on the people to vote for those candidates that will work for the good of the country and he reminded the Filipino people not to vote for those politicians who has nothing to do but criticize the government.

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Report from ABS-CBN News

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