'I could have won': Doc Willie Ong reflects on failed Senate bid

'I could have won': Doc Willie Ong reflects on failed Senate bid

Independent senatorial candidate Dr. Willie Ong has lamented that he could hav3e won a senate sit where it not for the bashings he got and “fake news” during the campaign season.
In an exclusive interview in ANC’s “Talkback”, Ong who ran without any support from political parties and have not secured any endorsements.
"I do not know any politicians, so I was not in their sample ballots. The command votes from the mayors, would account for say, 30, 40 percent. That's millions of votes. I did not have all of that. I had no endorsements from politicians, and we only spent P581,000," Ong said.

Dr. Willie Ong 's interview with ANC's Talkback (screengrabbed from ANC)

He ranked 18th in the senatorial polls, receiving over 7.4 million votes.
"I was prepared to lose, but always at the back of my mind, if a few factors changed, I could have won," Ong said.
 Ong said, despite losing in the mid term elections he will still continue helping the poor.
"Hindi ako epal eh. I don't wait three years in order to run and run again. Right now, my patients cannot wait three years. Some will die soon. So in a few days, in a few weeks, whenever God opens a door, maybe it's a corporation who will get me, maybe it's a TV show, maybe a politician I've met will get me to help them in their city, I'll do it. I need to save lives now. So I'm thinking what I can do now," he explained.
 Dr. Ong said he wanted to be part of the Senate so he can help more Filipinos.
"I can only help hundreds of patients, but in the Senate, I can help millions," he said.

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Report from ABS-CBN News

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