Duterte : US knows war with China ‘not worth it'

Duterte : US knows war with China ‘not worth it'

It’s not worth it.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has those words in what he sees the possibility of US waging war with China.
He said the US is aware that a war with China over the Panatag /Scarborough shoal is “not worth it”, how our mutual defense ally failed to help us in the first place in 2012.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to PNA)

The president recalled stressing how the US then brokered a deal then asking both Philippines and China to withdraw their respective vessels in the area, in the end we withdrew, the Chinese stayed.
"America was scared. They knew that war about something so small is not worth it. Because if they hit us and America decides to help, it could trigger a world war. America knows it. Everybody does," Duterte said in a speech in Agusan del Norte
"If those nuclear bombs, atom bombs, and hydrogen bombs will explode, nothing will be left of this world. We would all be destroyed. So America said, both of you should retreat.' Del Rosario ordered our ship to retreat, but China refused to follow. That is why they filed a case," the president  added.
Pres. Duterte was referring to former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, who led the Philippines in its successful arbitration case against China before The Hague, Netherlands.
If the Philippines opted to attack China, his (Philippine) soldiers and policemen would be “massacred.”
Duterte point out that for now it is wiser to stick with negotiations with the Asian giant to resolve disagreements over the contested waters and its territories.
"We can't defeat them. So let's stick to just talking unless you want me to say, ‘O sige(Okay) I'll attack China. Who's with me?'" Duterte said.
The Chief executive said the Philippines could not rely on the US because it also had its own problems to resolve.
"Will America join us? They can't even resolve their problem with Iraq and Iran in the Middle East. They've been at war for a long time. But who won it? Nobody. Many lives were lost including those of civilians, children, the elderly, and the women. That's the story," he added.

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Report from PNA

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