US State Sec. Pompeo likens Duterte to Trump

US State Sec. Pompeo likens Duterte to Trump

Similarities have been stated before between the two heads of state so that is why when United States of America Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Rodrigo Duterte is just like President Donald Trump because of the amount of controversies/issues both leaders are currently facing.

It was Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo who made that statement a day after the 1-day visit of Pompeo made a courtesy call to Pres. Duterte at the Villamor Air Base last Thursday night.

In one of his press briefing in Malacanang, Panelo said that Pompeo, like Trump, was “very fond” of Rodrigo Duterte. He said the US official was making jokes with  our Pres.Duterte during their almost-an-hour meeting.

Pres. Duterte and US State Sec.Pompeo during the courtesy call of the latter at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City(photo credit to Manila Times)

“I remember when the President was talking about what he is doing for this country, even his controversial movements and his cursing. The Secretary of State said you are just like our President. We all laughed,” Panelo said.

“The style of the President, he is very frank. He fights against anyone. Mr. Trump is like that, right? Against all flags,” he added.
Duterte gas admitted in public that he called Pres. Trump his friend.

Like the Philippine Chief Executive, Donald Trump president of a World Power- the USA is known to say what is in his mind without minding others.

Just like President Duterte, he has his own share of controversial statements.

Pompeo,invites Duterte to the US

Atty. Panelo is not sure if President Duterte would accept the invitation to visit the US mainland.

“Duterte did not say anything. The problem with the President is, he cannot stand the temperature in the US. It is very cold there. He is having a hard time. The distance is also too far. The long haul, he does not want,” he added

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Report from Manila Times

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