Robredo contradicts Duterte, insists Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth a proven fact

Robredo contradicts Duterte, insists Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth a proven fact

The Vice president of the country begs to differ.

Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, calls president Rodrigo Duterte wrong when he said there is no proof showing the Marcos family amassed ill-gotten wealth during the tie they were in Malacanang.

Robredo proves it by the different local and abroad court rulings against the Marcoses and their cronies that they stole government funds during the time President Ferdinand Marcos was in power.

VP Leni Robredo refutes the statement of Pres. Duterte when he said there is no proof of showing that the Marcoses has amassed ill gotten wealth.( photo credit to Philstar)

“Aren’t they being asked to return the stolen money? In fact, there are victims of martial law that have already received reparations,” VP Robredo added.

Robredo cites the creation of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 that sourced the P10-billion fund for reparations from ill-gotten wealth that Marcos hid in Swiss banks.

Former Senators Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and Rene Saguisag weighs in with Leni

Aquilino Pimentel Sr. and Rene Saguisag in an interview says that the amassed weath of the Marcoses are established facts.

“It has been established that there is indeed Marcos (ill-gotten) wealth,” Pimentel, a former Senate president and chair of the Blue Ribbon committee that investigated the matter, said.
“The ill-gotten wealth is very important. We should look for it, recover it and give it to the people,” he added in Filipino.
Saguisag cited a Supreme Court (SC) ruling, wherein the SC recognizes the Swiss accounts of the Marcoses are ill-gotten wealth.
“Money does not grow on trees,” Saguisag said, referring to the funds used to compensate victims of human rights violations during the martial law regime under the presidency of Marcos.

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