Pres. Duterte mulls ordering a subpoena on Trillanes’ 84-year-old mother over ‘irregular’ Navy supply deals

Pres. Duterte mulls ordering a subpoena on Trillanes’ 84-year-old mother over ‘irregular’ Navy supply deals

The soon to be forgotten , Opposition senator Antonio Trillanes IV is on the defensive.

With his parliamentary immunity being a senator will end by the mid term of 2019, he knows he has now limits as to how he will criticize President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Being on the defensive end, President Duterte floated the idea of issuing a subpoena to the 84 year old mother of his very outspoken critic in the senate.

Opposition senator during his cadet days in the Philippine Military Academy with his parents (photo credit to owner)

This stems from the issue that the Trillanes matriarch in her younger years have been dealing with the Philippine Navy in an irregular manner.

In a speaking engagement with the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, Duterte said he would launch an investigation regarding the deals of Estrelita Trillanes whom he called a “supplier” for the Philippne Navy.

“You did too much… We will initiate an investigation like you did and I will subpoena your mother, whether you like it or not,” Pres. Duterte said.
“You may tell me I do not have power, there is. We also have the contempt power but we have to go to court,” he said.
The senator has told media men in an interview that her mother is suffering from an advance Parkinson’s disease.

Pampered in PMA

“When his father was in service, he was already a solider. The transactions with most of the supplies of Navy [were cut] with his mother. If you do not believe it, ask the Navy,” Duterte said in his 1-on-1 televised interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on September 11, 2018
Duterte also took the occasion to slam Trillanes, saying that when the senator was a simple cadet in the Philippine Military Academy in the early 90’s he was being given special treatment, pampered by his father who is also a military officer.
“He is being carried by his father. He was being borrowed, during the grueling training, when times are hard, he is being borrowed by his father and he will stay there in his office,” the President said.
 “This cocky… This PMAer, he was being borrowed by his father. He is there in his room, being fed,” he added.
Duterte continues his tirades  against the senator, saying he does not do anything but criticize and talk against the government.

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Report from Manila Times

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