Panelo chides del Rosario, why did'nt you do anything when you were in office before the filing of the arbitration complaint?

Panelo chides del Rosario, why did'nt you do anything when you were in office before the filing of the arbitration complaint?

Last week former foreign secretary Alberto del Rosario and former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales filed a complaint against Chinese President Xi Jinping  for “crimes against humanity” in the International Criminal Court.

While, many are of the opinion the case will not prosper in any way because China is not a party to the International Criminal Court (ICC) so jurisdiction will not attach.

Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo, inset are the artificial islands constructed by China (photo credit to owner) 

Even opposition senator Risa Hontiveros did not let the issue pass when he slammed President Duterte, stating  the President is "unwilling and unable to undertake" his job for Philippine sovereigntyand us Filipinos against China. It took del Rosario and Morales to do the job because they have the balls to stand up against China, all of which should have been done by the sitting president.

Why only now Del Rosario?

Atty. Salvador Panelo who is also serving as the Chief Presidential Counsel asked the former DFA Secretary, why he did’nt bring up the issue when he was still the Foreign Affairs secretary.

Panelo said, he is currently gathering evidence to prove that Del Rosario was reluctant to “rock the boat” when he was still at the helm of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). 

“That’s why I told my source, I need documents; I need communications from your group to DFA; I need pictures that you have given them; I need official response coming from Del Rosario. Because if that is true, then… that is wrong,” he added.

Panelo questions, Del Rosario why the government then allowed the structures to be built by China before the arbitration complaint.

“Why did you not act back then? Why are you moving now that you are no longer in the (government) when (back then) you could have made protests, made noise?” he asked.

Del Rosario rebuts Panelo

The former foreign secretary rebuts Panelo in a statement he forwarded to the Philippine Star.

“For the information of the good secretary, we officially protested as many times as possible the building of unlawful structures (the DFA records would evidence this). We also voiced out our objections at multilateral meetings battling for inclusion in final statements. We furthermore sought the assistance of our treaty ally,” the statement said.

It added: “We resorted to a legal track in search of a durable and peaceful solution resulting in an overwhelming victory for the Phl and our people, which our government decided to set aside.”

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