GMA to Pinoys : See China as an opportunity, rather than a threat

GMA to Pinoys : See China as an opportunity, rather than a threat

The Dragon that is China should not be feared.
Amidst the suspicions of the different quarters- critics and detractors of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who started his administrations by extending his hand of friendship to the Asian giant, which is a 360 degrees turn from the previous administration of Noynoy Aquino.
In the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference in Hainan, China , former president and current Speaker of the House of Representatives Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo shares the sentiment of President Duterte.

House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo speaks at Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference in Hainan, China (ABS-CBN)

Filipinos should see China’s economic progress as an opportunity instead of a threat, Arroyo was quoted saying.
The Philippines should develop its ties with Asia's largest economy since the country  would also benefit from Beijing's progress, Arroyo explained.
"...China’s effort in opening up has really been a boost for the economies of the world, especially the developing economies. The world should look at China’s rise as an opportunity rather than a threat,” she said.
The call of the Hose Speaker comes amidst the call of critics and detractors of government concerning the Chinese loans being extend to the country to finance President Duterte’s ambitious Build Build Build infrastructure projects.

Partner in development.

Arroyo sees China as a “partner in development,” saying tat the country has benefited in the areas of trade and infrastructure assistance from Beijing’s development.
"China, for us in the developing countries, is a market, a donor and a provider of capital and technology,” Arroyo said, noting that China has been a "very big market" for the Philippines.
“For instance, China has built bridges in the Philippines, it is building a dam for a water system and irrigation, and it will be building a major railroad. Not just one but two major railroads. So those are some of the ways by which China has benefited the Philippines,” she added. 
Arroyo explains that supporting China would result in a “win-win solution for the developing world” since the Asian giant is also investing in China.
"The Philippines actually has been investing in China for quite some time now because we have a very big Filipino-Chinese community, so I’m sure they can invest further in China. At the same time, China is also now investing more and more in the Philippines. So this must be a win-win solution for the developing world," she added.

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Report from ABS-CBN News

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