Friar lands to go - Pres. Duterte

Friar lands to go - Pres. Duterte

One trait of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is when he makes a promise, rest assured he will do good on that promise.

Examples are his campaign promises where, he has really made it must do on his part for the sake of the common Filipino.

Void of any fanfare, it has been his promise to provide land distribution to the landless. And he vows to pursue it more in the second half of his presidency, and it may include Church or friar lands acquired during the Spanish colonization era that are now being reviewed for emancipation.

Negros famous "sacadas", insite is the Manila Cathedral (photo credit to owner)

The President told the Church “let’s reach an understanding about the land titles that you have now.”
“Just wait, I’m still having lands surveyed,” Mr. Duterte said in a Sagay City Government Center, Negros Occidental.
The religious orders -Dominicans, Augustinians and Recoletos  are the owners of huge tracts of lands, the 3 alone will make up about one-tenth of all improved lands.

In the Treaty of Paris between the Spanish and the Americans, the US government agreed to protect the friar’s rights over their properties.

The President gave Novaliches as a n example, where there are vast tracts of Church lands.

That’s why it came to be called Novaliches. It belonged to the priests. Quezon City. Friar lands. There were priests then but at that time the population was small. But they have to survive, so they started to take in tenants, but the money goes to them only,” Duterte noted.
The President said “the Church needs to realize that there is a time where you live comfortably, but there is also a time (to sacrifice). The world is becoming more populated.”

Duterte’s remaining years

The President said his remaining years in office will be devoted to giving “away all government-owned lands to the people.”

“Except for the military reservation. Their area is very large. But there’s nothing like that in the mountains,” he added.
“So I instructed (Agrarian Reform Secretary John) Castriciones to give the lands away to the people because that is one of our most pressing problems,” Pres. Duterte said.
“I feel sorry for the person. I feel sorry when I see a child walking around naked, or when I see a Filipino grow up without a house, without adequate food,” according to the President.
“When they get sick, they can’t afford to buy medicine,” he said.

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