Former Iloilo Mayor Jed Mabilog's wife calls Duterte a “serial liar”

Former Iloilo Mayor Jed Mabilog's wife calls Duterte a “serial liar”

The country now, has knowledge of the politicians that are included in the narco list hat was just released by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Majority of those included in the list are crying “innocence” and has called out the president’s move as politically motivated.

One of those included in the list is former mayor Jed Mabilog , who has fled to the United States or Canada, his wife Marivic has come out and called Duterte as a “serial liar.”

Former Iloilo mayor Jed Mabilog (photo credit to owner)

In Marivic’s Facebook post she described Duterte as a “scheming con-man”

“He (Duterte) never gets tired of his pathetic and redundant tirades. Grow up and get off those fentanyl and meth clouds. Idiot. And the country’s biggest liar, too,” Marivic said.

She claims Duterte needs the narco-list to stay relevant.

“Without his drug war, Duterte is nothing. We (are) not worried about Jed’s reputation because we know the truth. No one can ever hide from the truth. This is why Duterte hates Jed so much. The more he tarnishes Jed, the more he magnified his own lies and shortcomings,” she said.

Marivic continues her attack on the President, questioning his tenure as mayor of Davao city.

“While Jed was working hard for the eradication of the drug menace and getting results, Digong was hardly working in Davao. While Iloilo was cited as the third drug infected city, Davao had one of the worst record in drug trade and use in the country,” 

“You have never brought any drug-related case against Jed because you have nothing on him. Despite having the full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources, you came up empty against Jed. Nada. Zero. Zilch,”

“You think that by continually shaking him and lying about him will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armor are the truths you refuse to acknowledge. The harder you hit the truth, the more sparkling and stronger it becomes.” 

“Amidst Duterte’s vigorous verbal assaults on my family’s integrity, I cannot reasonably be expected to keep my silence. I cannot imitate the silence of the fence-sitters and pragmatists, I cannot and will not stand idly by at the rape of the Philippines,” 

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