Diocese gradually removing fees for church services

Diocese gradually removing fees for church services

In this world, a change no matter how small is still a change that must be emulated if its for the good of everybody.  
As reported in the Philippine News Agency,  Catholic Bishops in the country are slowly doing away with collection fees for sacraments and other church services all for the reasons of “humanitarian considerations.”    

Manila Cathedral in Intramuros (photo credit to owner)

The most recent prelate to do such is Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos, who no longer charges fees for funeral masses and blessings.
“In the spirit of sacrifices of Lent and as our gift to the Diocese towards 50th Golden Anniversary in 2025, after careful consideration through prayers and pastoral discernment, we are removing the arancel system (giving stipends to priests) in Funeral Masses and Blessings,” Santos said
“This is necessary because the grieving persons, relatives, friends and loved ones of the faithful departed must be consoled. Financial obligations from the perspective of the Church are not of prime importance and must not be a burden to them. We want to portray the local church as a caring Mother with compassion with the bereaved,” the Catholic prelate added. 

Bishop Santos also took note of funeral parlors and memorial chapels wherein masses will be offered for the dead, “we should not oblige them either for the arancel, but we can be open for their free will to give or donate for the Church.”
Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos’ order will take effect in the diocese on April 21, Easter Sunday.
The Arancel system is the Church long time practice of giving stipends to priests for specific church services.
Other diocese in the country have done their own ways in slowly doing away of the arancel system.
It has been quoted that Pope Francis is convinced that churches should not charge the services they provide as sacraments are gifts from God. 

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