All Filipinos should plant trees even once in their lifetime (sowing the seeds of Love)

All Filipinos should plant trees even once in their lifetime (sowing the seeds of Love)

It has been making the rounds in the net by being shared by individuals.
Having read the entire message of the letter, I think it’s a brilliant idea!!!
This could be our part in making this country of our green again, to have those idle lands teaming with trees again, a fresh supply of oxygen in this polluted country of ours.

Philippine Tropical fruits (photo credit to owner)

I do hope we do all our share,I mean you planting a tree “accidentally” for a greener Philippines.
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Please see the quoted message below.

Dear Friends

Will you please post and help me forward this message to all your other groups so that it gets circulated, thanks.

Soon the season of fruits like mango, durians, rambutans, langsat (lansones), duku, mangosteen, jack fruit, etc will be here.

My request to all of us is to NOT throw the seeds in your rubbish bin, but INSTEAD to wash them, dry them (in the sun) and pack it in newspaper and keep it in your car. Whenever you go out and find an open baren land while travelling, be it on a village road, on an empty motorway, throw these seeds. They will germinate easily in the the coming monsoon.

If with this simple act, we can contribute even a single tree each season to our world, our mission of greening this world would be successful.

The Thai government has been promoting this to all its citizen over the last few years.

Many of their other districts officers have been driving this campaign aggressively which has been very successful. The number of fruit trees in the wild have multiplied many times over particularly in the Northern districts of Thailand. 

Let us also join the Thais in this brilliant initiative to spread abundance in nature and in this simple yet effective way and contribute back to our next generations.

Please forward to all groups...

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