Palace to opposition: Stop playing dumb, listen to the people

Palace to opposition: Stop playing dumb, listen to the people

 The administration’s drug war is now reaping its benefits.
Halfway to the six year term of the Duterte administration, a Social Weather Station survey shows that 66% of Filipinos believe there were fewer drug users in their communities in the last quarter of 2018.
 A clear testament that the policy of Duterte against the menace that is the illegal drugs is working.
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And because of this, Malacanang has called out the critics and detractors of the President to stop using the drug war to attack this administration.
“As we all know, it is a major campaign platform of President Duterte and remains a centerpiece program of his Administration, notwithstanding the harshest criticisms, brickbats and pressures the current government is receiving here and abroad,” Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo said.
Panelo recalled the rime when the crtics of the President have been the most vocal in using the drug war to maligned the Chief executive which even led to the filing of a complaint in the International Court.
The Presidential Spokesperson is hopeful one day that the positive result of the recent survey will help the detractors and critics open their eyes  and that they would listen to the sentiment of the people which echoes the success of the drug war.
“They remain skeptical, unimpressed and indifferent of the significant strides made by our authorities in relation to prohibited narcotics even pointing out there remains demand and supply on illegal drugs,” Panelo said.
“We ask them to stop playing blind dumb and instead listen to the people: 83 percent of people of Mindanao say there are less drug addicts there; 71 percent in the Visayas say there is a decrease; 67 percent in Metro Manila likewise say there is a decrease; while 54 percent in Luzon share the same sentiment,” he added.
Malacanang will not sleep on its laurels, it will continue to make good in its promise to rid the country od the illegal drug trade.
“Even as our people acknowledge the Administration’s efforts to bring down the number of drug personalities, our focus and drive remain unwavering in destroying the drug apparatus and putting behind bars the drug pushers, with strict observance to operational protocols, until the last day of the President’s term of office in 2022,” he said.
Based on the survey, only 14% of the respondents believed that the number of drug peddlers and users “increased” while the remaining 7% said nothing has changed.
N the same survey it shows that  nearly 95% of the respondents believed that it is “important” for the members of the Philippine National Police to capture the drug suspects alive.

Update: September 2019

Despite a small win for the opposition, in the Iceland led resolution callin for the inventory of the Duterte administration’s drug war, President Rodrigo Duterte over three years ago continue to enjoy “excellent” net satisfaction rating.
The second quarter Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, conducted from June 22 to 26, found 82 percent of adult Filipinos satisfied, 6 percent undecided and 12 percent dissatisfied with the government’s anti-narcotics campaign.
This gives a net satisfaction rating of +70, classified as excellent and tied the 2019 first quarter rating, according to the SWS.
The pollster said the net satisfaction on the anti-illegal drugs campaign has always been either very good or excellent in the past 11 survey rounds with the highest rating recorded in December 2016 at excellent +77.
The June 2019 survey also found that net satisfaction with the performance of Duterte was excellent +76.

The SWS conducted the survey using face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults nationwide.

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Report from Manila Bulletin , PNA

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