Dont vote for Senatorial bets who don't do anything but criticize gov't - Pres. Duterte

Dont vote for Senatorial bets who don't do anything but criticize gov't - Pres. Duterte

The 2019 mid-term elections are heating up.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is using his popularity in this election by urging voters to reject the senatorial candidates who, he said, did not do anything productive but to criticize him and his administration.

Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to owner)

"Alam mo, kung bigyan mo ako mga senador na kalaban kagaya sige yawyaw. Wala namang ginawa kung yawyaw. Basta maka-yawyaw lang. May masabi lang sa issue para hindi makalimutan na 'Hoy, nandito ako ah' (If you give me senators from the opposition, they would just talk. They won't do anything but talk for the sake of talking. They will talk about an issue so they won't be forgotten, 'Hey, I am here')," Pres. Duterte said during the Partido Demokratiko rally in Laguna over the weekend.

"That's everybody's style. Who will they criticize? Me. What am I doing? 'Ah, Duterte, extrajudicial killing,'" the Pres. Added.

The President did not let the opportunity pass to lambast his no. 1 critic after De Lima, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV whom he calls as  “hambugero” and “utot.”

"Trillanes has not done anything but he collects his salary. Son of a b****. His mouth is his only capital," he said. 

Duterte also urged the voters not to give positions of responsibility to “useless candidates”

"Bakit ninyo ibigay ‘yang responsibility na mabigat para sa pakanan ng bayan sa mga taong alam ninyo na inutil. Iyan ang ibig kong sabihin (For the sake of the country, Why give important responsibilities to people who are useless?" the president said. 
"Iwasan ninyo ‘yan, ‘yung walang ginawa (Shun those who have not done anything)," he added. 

Vote for your idol that can help the country

Duterte has reminded the voters to support real ‘idols’ (candidates) who have accomplished something for the country.
"Mag-idol kayo ‘yung totoo... Iyong talagang makita mo na may ginawa para sa ating bayan. Iyon ang i-idol ninyo. Iyon ang iboto ninyo (Idolize those who did something for the country. Vote for them)," the president Duterte said.

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