Mar vows to be a "positive contibutor" to Duterte's administration

Mar vows to be a "positive contibutor" to Duterte's administration

Defeated 2016 Liberal Party ,Presidential candidate and  now senatorial candidate Mar Roxas vows to be a “positive contributor” if elected again as senator.

Roxas said that even if he is in the opposition he will not be a problem with the Duterte administration all for the country’s progress.

He promises to legislate more laws that are beneficial to Filipinos ,particularly in the area of job creation.

Roxas vows to be a positive contributor to the administration of Pres. Duterte even if part of  opposition (photo credit to owner)

“In my case, I have served different presidents in different capacities, some of whom are not my party-mates, but my contribution is always positive,” the former senator said.

Roxas took note that it was under the administration of President Ramos, where his bill on Fair and Equitable Access to Education was passed into law.

“Whether it was President Erap (Joseph Estrada), President Gloria (Arroyo), well of course President PNoy (Benigno Aquino III) we’re together in the party, my track record is I am a positive contributor,” he said.

Roxas also claims that he was supported by then President Estrada in his program’s that gave rise to all the call centers in the country.

“I can’t accept the fact that we can no longer change. I can’t accept that the Philippines is always the ‘sick man of Asia.’ That we can’t keep pace with the development of our neighboring countries,” he said in Filipino. “For me if I can contribute to the growth and development of our country, why not?”

Support for Duterte admin

Roxas has been quoted in saying that he will support the Duterte administration’s plan to increase the tax on tobacco products to fund the Universal Health Care program.

One of his campaign promises is that he will file a bill that will institutionalize the conditional cash transfer program ( Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program or 4Ps) which started under the Arroyo administration. 

 “I want this (4Ps) to be permanent, that’s one of the things I will push in the Senate,” Roxas said, noting that the program is being used as a political tool, wherein politicians could decide whom to include or delete as beneficiaries.
“I want the 4Ps to become a law so that it won’t become a political tool,” Roxas said.

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