Ping on Duterte: What you see is what you get

Ping on Duterte: What you see is what you get

We are in a democracy.

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson was reacting to some media question eliciting his thoughts regarding President Rosrigo Roa Duterte’s comments that is smoking/using marijuana as a form of medicine to combat or extending the President’s  hour to deal with the demands of the work.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to owner)

Critics welcomed this statement form the President because its another bullet they can throw at him and his administration.

Lacson said Duterte before, during, after the 2016 elections Duterte never pretended to be somebody else. What you is what you will get.

“He is really like that, he never stops joking,” Lacson.
“He was like that during the campaign, he was voted, we are in a democracy. He never pretended (to be somebody else) during the campaign but he was elected (as President anyway),” he added.
Being himself gave him 16.6 million votes as against the 9.9 million votes against the second placer.
Lacson said one joke would not make him automatically a bad leader.
We will have to live with whatever he is for the next four years or so,” the senator added.
Presidential legal Adviser and concurrent Presidential spokesperson Attorney Salvador Panelo said just like anybody the president is also entitled to crack a joke, just like anybody else.
“Everybody is entitled to a joke. He does it because usually events are boring. First, marijuana is not a stimulant to make you awake. It’s the opposite, so obviously there was no logic there; so, he was joking,” Panelo said.
“One joke does not make him a bad leader,” he added.
Senator Grace Poe, who was also a presidential rival of Duterte said she is already getting used to President Duterte’s occasional but explosive jokes.
“I don’t know why others would be surprised. I wasn’t surprised, not because I thought that he did that. But you know, the President has said so many explosive things,” Poe said.
Poe gave due to the President when he clarified his statement regarding the marijuana use although he also threw a caution to Duterte that such controversial statements might have adverse effect.
“If you are the President of the country, whatever you say, right or wrong, will be magnified,” she pointed out.
Duterte has been known for his all out war against illegal drugs in the country. He has been vocal in his speeches on how he hates drug addicts and drug traffickers in the country who destroys the nation’s youth.

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