Malacanang calls CPP-NPA - A Failed Rebellion

Malacanang calls CPP-NPA - A Failed Rebellion

A failed rebellion.

That is how Malacanang described the 50-year insurgency of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

Malacanang also labelled its founding chairman, Jose Maria Sison as a person who is “out of touch” with reality.

Exiled founder of the CPP-NPA Joma Sison (photo credit to owner)

Presidential Spokesperson and concurrent Presidential Legal adviser Salvador Panelo made this remark when he was interviewed by ANC on the day of CPP’s 50th anniversary and after Sison said that the CPP-NPA remains relevant and will continue its efforts to oust President Duterte.

“The 50 years of Joma Sison's rebellion speaks for itself. It's a failed rebellion. It only resulted in the loss of lives of Filipinos especially the numerous young students who were killed in ambushes, skirmishes, battles and in sickness in the hills, who could have served their country well in pacific and productive means, as well as the destruction of properties,” Panelo said.

Panelo also takes note that a big number of communist rebels have already laid down their arms and has pledged their allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines, while Sison lived a luxurious life in exile in the Netherlands since 1987.

“The NPA surrenderers are coming in droves responding to the call of the government to return to the fold of the law, while Mr. Sison remains ensconced in his ivory tower of comfort and luxury while his comrades die for a lost cause,” Panelo said.
“No wonder the forces on the ground no longer follow him hence his regular rants against PRRD to give himself the appearance of relevance,” he added.
The Presidential Spokesman encouraged Sison to also surrender before he becomes too weak to do so, that being an honorable act to accomplish.
“It's time for him to wave the white flag before his physique gives up on him. There is honor in returning back to a democratic society and embracing the constitutional order,” Atty. Panelo said.

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