Joma to the Filipino people : you have this sovereign right to oust Duterte

Joma to the Filipino people : you have this sovereign right to oust Duterte

On the eve of its 50th founding anniversary, Communist Party of the Philippines founder and exiled leader Joma Sison is still dreaming for the impossible.

The CPP founding chairman said that we the Filipino people have a sovereign right to oust President Rodrigo Duterte as president of the republic.

Joma Sison (photo credit to owner)

In a prepared statement Sison said having Duterte as a tyrant and a shameless instigator of mass murder and other grave human rights violations, President Duterte is the abominable No. 1 violator of human rights and is the precise target of the Filipino people’s exercise of their sovereign right to free themselves from tyranny and to undertake all necessary actions to oust him from his position.

Sison points out that Duterte and his supporters seem to have forgotten that Duterte received only 39 percent of the vote in the elections of 2016 and that the 61 percent that did not vote for him was the overwhelming majority.

“Despite the weakness and vulnerability of his position, Duterte has become a tyrant escalating the oppression and exploitation of the people,” said Sison.

“He has brazenly used his armed minions to commit mass murders and other human rights violations. He has arrogantly pushed his scheme of fascist dictatorship through charter change for a bogus federalism. He has imposed an intolerable tax burden on the people and has caused the prices of basic goods and services to soar. He has treasonously sold out the sovereign rights and national patrimony of the people,” he added.

Sison accuses Duterte in confusing the current situation, Duterte he claims along with his apologists claims that a political refugee like him and political consultant of the NDFP has the unenviable role of tyrant that Duterte is playing.

“In fact, they insinuate that it is the victims–the aggrieved people, the legal opposition forces and the armed revolutionary movement– that are the violators of human rights for fighting and seeking to oust the tyrant,” Joma Sison said.
“As a co-belligerent in the ongoing civil war in the Philippines, the people’s democratic government (PDG), which is led by the Communist Party of the Philippines served by the New People’s Army and supported by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines has vowed to follow and enforce the International Bill of Rights, the International Humanitarian Law and the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL),” he added.

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Report from Manila Bulletin

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