DFA Sec. to victim's parents: Beat 'Ateneo bully' senseless

DFA Sec. to victim's parents: Beat 'Ateneo bully' senseless

Barely three weeks ago when Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) Men’s Basketball team was the toast of the town, for defending their championship to a worthy opponent the University of the Philippines fighting maroons.

But this time ADMU is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons- an unabated bullying by one of its high school student.

DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. (photo credit to gmanews)

Department of Foreign Affairs Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. weighs on the issue  and gave an unsolicited advise on the parents of the alleged victim to  “take the law in their own hands,” explaining that the aggressor kid should be given a dose of his own medicine.

Locsin in his twitter post said, "The parents of the bullied kid should take the law in their own hands. The only way to teach a bully is to beat him senseless. Psychiatric help? He should get traction."

The Foreign secretary is reacting to the statement of Senator Juan Victor Ejercito when he suggested psychiatric help for the child "given the numerous times he has been involved in bullying other kids."

In his reply to that comment Locsin said, "would have been awesome if he happened to bully a better fighter and got his ass handed to him," he answered, "No, better when, say, sugar cane workers come in from Negros and beat the shit out of the bully in front of a sioki school that is still investigating instead of beating the crap out of him like Christian Brothers did.  Ass handed to him, my foot."

The Philippines top diplomat said bullies will better learn their lesson when beaten instead of being babied.

"The bullied kid may be haunted by this abuse. Jesus, what's the world coming to when bullies are babied instead of beaten," Locsin said.

ADMU has released a statement that it is investigating the incident. Malacanang when asked to comment on the incident said Republic Act No. 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act metes out necessary penalties to those found guilty of bullying. 

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Report from GMA News

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  1. That's true. When I was about to be bullied I faced him head on. We ended up equal in terms of strength. He stopped bullying and not long after we became friends. It's just a matter of showing him that his measure will not be effective to feed his ego hence he approached the other way around. He got a friend instead.