Chinese top list of foreigners deported - Bureau of Immigration

Chinese top list of foreigners deported - Bureau of Immigration

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has been accused of being “overly close” with Asian giant – that is China.
Opposition politicians have painted this picture over and over in mainstream media.
Though data would show ‘otherwise’ when the number of deported undesirable foreigners from the country is basis is concerned by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).
Bureau of Immigration shows Chinese tops the list of foreign nationals deported out of the country from 2016 to October of this year( photo credit to owner)

Chinese nationals are not being given any ‘special treatment’, BI records that 1,510 Chinese nationals were sent back to their country from 2016 to October of  this year. 
40 Chinese were deported in 2016, followed by 1,248 in 2017 and 222 during the first 10 months this year. 

The BI spokesperson said that the numbers would tell that they have not given any special or favoritism treatment to those Chinese found to have violated immigration laws.
“Deporting illegal aliens is BI’s mandate, no ‘favoritism’ and not giving ‘special treatment’ to anyone. Whatever the nationality is, if the alien blatantly disregards immigration laws, it is our duty to send them out,” said BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval.
Koreans follow the Chinese in terms of the number who have entered and was eventually deported out of the Philippines
A total of 4,456,375 Koreans compared to the 2,805,762 Chinese nationals who came to the Philippines, from 2016 to 2018.
216 are the total number of Koreans that has been deported since 2016 - 59 in 2016, followed by 115 in 2017 and 42 in 2018.

The Indians and Americans with 87 and 79 respectively follow the Chinese and Koreans in the number of citizens deported out of the country.
Rounding the top ten visitors in the Philippines BI records from 2016 to October 2018 are as follows: US with 2,902,154 in second place; China with 2,805,762; Japan with 1,658,970; Australia with 730,346; Taiwan with 645,122; Canada with 607,235; UK with 596,096; Malaysia with 414,018 and Singapore with 355,816.

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