'You have no more reputation to protect, Antonio.'

'You have no more reputation to protect, Antonio.'

We have not seen or heard anything lately from Senator Antonio Trillanes III.

The last time we saw him on TV, he was with the so called “opposition 8” in Markina city along side Vice President Leni Robredo and former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

It was the formal launch of the senatorial slate of the opposition that will try to get some of slot this coming mid-term election in 2019.

Senator Anotnio Trillanes and the late Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes (photo credit to owner)

The past few months we have been bombarded in the news with everything in and about Trillanes, and its only now somewhat he is silent.

Such silent comes in two ways, one- he is really silent or has mellowed down or 2- he is just waiting for the opportune time to make his attacks again via media blitz against the President himself, his family , and his administration.

A Facebook page who carries the name “Showbiz Government” posted a shout out titled “You have no more reputation to protect” this was at the time the family of the senator was dragged into public scrutiny when both parents were accused of different corrupt and anomalous transactions with government. And at the time  President Rodrigo Roa Duterte revoked his amnesty.

The senator was slammed, saying that it has no reputation to protect because of his ‘colorful” past, the very same past that comes to haunt him now,

We are quoting in full said FB shout for the public knowledge and information of others.

“You have no more reputation to protect.”

On that day when Trillanes blurted to the late Gen. Angelo Reyes while he was still alive “you have no more reputation to protect” and refused to give the general a chance to explain his side on the issue of military corruption, the general felt alone, shamed and saddened.

The late general refused to let dishonor (having been accused of something he never wished he would be one) taint him too long, his family and his staff. So, he did what many politicians could not do. He shot himself in front of his mother’s grave.

Rather than condemning him further, the public realized the man could not bear the severe embarrassment he suffered at the hands of Trillanes, which was why he chose to take his own life and in front of his mother’s grave. What Trillanes did, was not heroic. It was terrible.

Fast forward to this day, what Trillanes said to the late general has become a constant reminder to us just how horrible and how much of a psychopath Trillanes truly is.

You have no more reputation to protect...

Every time he hits his opponents with accusations, he could not finish his job by producing a substantial evidence against them. Instead, he moves to another target and just like before, attacks them relentlessly until their own reputations are completely destroyed while he rejoices with glee.

Until a cunning leader in the form of President Duterte came...

Unfortunately for the yellow rabid dog, President Duterte is a strategist. You don’t mess with a man who has you figured out completely and plans his moves carefully. Antonio Trillanes exhausted all his spades against President Duterte. Now, it is his turn to experience all the shame he deserves.

Trillanes is paying for his sins after blurting out that horrible remark. His reputation has become tarnished. His credibility is fast eroding. 

Indeed. You have no more reputation to protect, Antonio.

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  2. Trillanes You have NO more reputation to Protect!!! You will be forever remembered as a PSYCOPATH!!!

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  4. Trillanes has no reputation at all in the first place. He was a brat in the PMA, a traitor in the military and a pathologic liar and gossip monger in politics. His only reputation is being a lapdog to PNoy AbNoy and the LP.