Pres. Duterte tells Palawan: Avoid another Boracay

Pres. Duterte tells Palawan: Avoid another Boracay

Protect your crown jewel.

That is the main message of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the people and province of Palawan.

Duterte said Boracay was “overloaded” with tourists and the province of Palawan must not go the wrong path where Boracay did.
Tourist take turns to journey the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Barangay Sabang, Puerto Princesa in Palawan(photo credit to Philstar)
The president told local government officials in Palawan to be always cautious in accepting massive influx of tourists so as to avoid closure just like what Boracay island resort experienced

“Don’t overload. Watch out. Boracay is a classic case of overloading. It can carry only so much people,” Duterte said in Puerto Princesa City.

The president urged the provincial government  and the loving citizens of Palawan to work with the national government in protecting and preserving the environment.

The Chief executive warned that any travel destination filled with garbage from tourists “will collapse.”

“You have to control the number. Let people wait,” Duterte said, 

“Do not allow hotels near the easement. Let them construct structures farther. The sea is for the people. It’s a property of the national government. Nobody can claim ownership of that,” Duterte said.

The President explains that building of hotels near the beach can destructive to the environment, unless the proper water treatment facilities have been properly installed.

Duterte took note that proactive action of the communities in Palawan to develop alternative travel destinations and lessen the impact of tourism on the popular sites (world-famous subterranean river and Palawan’s beautiful beaches)

“Another remarkable achievement is the development of the community-based sustainable tourism parks, such as Mangrove Paddle, Hundred Caves, Isla Filomena Dive and Snorkeling Site and Sabang Falls,” Duterte said.

The President was the guest of honor in the Subaraw Biodiversity Festival was the precursor of the much known  Puerto Princesa Underground River Festival since its inclusion in the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.

“May this festival be an occasion to strengthen your solidarity and commitment to uphold the reputation of Palawan as the ‘Best Island in the World,’” Duterte said.  

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