‘Our country is being led by a very sick man’ – Caloocan Bishop

‘Our country is being led by a very sick man’ – Caloocan Bishop

This country is being led by a very sick man.

Barely a day from the President Rodrigo Duterte’s seemingly offending attack on the practice of the faithful of the Catholic church during the days of November 1 and 2, a bishop slams the President and has asked the flock to pray for the former.

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David has asked the public to pray for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the former described the latter a very sick man.
“Please remember, Jesus taught us to be merciful when dealing with sick people,” the bishop said in a Facebook post.

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David (photo credit to owner)

“I think it should (be) obvious to people by now that our country is being led by a very sick man. We pray for him. We pray for our country,” the Bishop added.

Bishop David said that the mocking and calling the saints as fools and drunkards are not new. He said even Jesus Christ himself was called at one point as a “glutton and a drunkard.”

“There’s nothing new about our saints being called ‘fools and drunkards.’ St. John the Baptist was even called ‘devil-possessed.’ Jesus himself was called a ‘glutton and a drunkard,’ a ‘friend of tax collectors’ and sinners,” Bishop David said.

“The apostles at Pentecost were also called ‘drunkards.’ To be a Christian is to be ready to be branded as a fool for Christ,” the Caloocan Bishop added. 

Bishop David was reacting to the pronouncement of President Duterte mocking the commeration of the All Saints’ Day and  All Souls’ Day being celebrated on November 1 and 2, respectively.

“Happy All Saints’…Bakit naman…tarantado talaga itong mga Katoliko ang puta, bakit ba may All Souls’ Day at All Saints’ Day?” Duterte said during a conference last November 1.

“Hindi natin alam kung sino mga santo na ‘yun. Mga gago na iyon, mga lasenggo. Dito na lang kayo. I’ll give you a patron. Get hold of a picture of mine, iyan lagay niyo sa altar, Santo Rodrigo,” he said.
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  1. Why? are you not sick too? the thing that you commented the president is sick turns out that you too is sick. - look at your values Mr. David. It is a sign that you lack the effort of evangelisation, what you've done to spread the good news and truth is not enough.
    Act more, speak less.

  2. Ikaw padre Damaso khit wala sa bibliya tinuro nyo n sumamba sa santo iisa lng ang dyos at un ay dyos ama lng sya lng