MOU signed by PH & China re oil, gas dev’t cooperation a 'clear act of treason' of Duterte —Joma Sison

MOU signed by PH & China re oil, gas dev’t cooperation a 'clear act of treason' of Duterte —Joma Sison

Birds of the same feather, flock together.

Like other members of the opposition led by Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo, the Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Maria Sison is also singing the same tune as against the Duterte administration.

Sison calls the signing of the memorandum of understanding  on cooperation on oil and gas development between China  and the  Philippines is a "clear act of treason" on the part of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and CPP founder Joma Sison (photo credit to owner)

"The signing and approval of the Memorandum under the direction of Duterte is a clear act of treason, a blatant betrayal of the sovereign rights and national patrimony of the Philippines and the Filipino people," Joma Sison said.

"While it is still arguable that the Memorandum is still merely an 'agreement to agree,' the Philippines and the Filipino people must effectively reject the Memorandum," the CPP founder added.

Sison made the explanation that the signing of the said agrrement has the effect of setting aside the victory we had in the arbitration case which declared illegal and void the nine dash line theory of China.

He further adds the signed document “puts China at par” with the country in the exercise of its indisputable sovereign rights and sole ownership over the exploitation of its natural resources in the disputed waters of West Philippine Sea.

Sison says its but proper that the Philippines and the Filipino people should act against the MOU.

"Otherwise the traitor Duterte and his subalterns will commit more crimes of treason under the rule of confidentiality agreed upon in the Memorandum," Joma said.
"This is a confidentiality serving the traitors and thieves at the expense of the Filipino people who are kept in the dark and subjected to surprises by fait accompli," Sison added.
Foreign Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. has already made a statement regarding the MOU saying that there is no agreement for the Philippines and China to start joint exploration in the South China Sea. Explaining that the signed document merely seeks to study and discuss prospects of a possible energy cooperation between the two Asian countries.
Malacanang palace through Presidential spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo said that the Philippines can set aside the MOU if it is found not beneficial to the country.
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  1. D 30 is not a traitor mr.sison u are the traitor in this country! Why u stay away if u think u are right? U are also a distabilizer too much talking against any president but deep inside the u like collecting million from Revulotionary taxs for good or for your packet?