DOF Sec. Dominguez supports revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

DOF Sec. Dominguez supports revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

High cost of electricity? The Philippines has an ace upon its sleeve….if only….

Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III is very upbeat about it so much so that he is encouraging the Department of Energy (DOE) to “really study” the possibility of reviving our very own 620-megawatt nuclear power plant in Bataan.

“I want to encourage Mr. Cusi to really study it [the revival] well and we will support him as much as we can if it’s safe and if it makes economic sense,” Dominguez told mediamen in a nuclear power plant interview with DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant , inset is Dept. of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez (photo credit to owner)

Dominguez believes there is an existing technology that will ensure the safety of the nearby residents and the area where the nuclear plant itself is located.

“You know we have to have all the safety measures — a dam,” Dominguez said. “But that is something that we should consider if we want to bring down power rates. It might be a good investment, it’s already there, 600 megawatts.” Dominguez said.

He also said the country has already fully paid its multi-billion debt obligation, incurred during the administration of late President Ferdinand Marcos.

It was assumed from reports that the annual maintenance  cost of the mothballed nuclear power plant P27 million. In February next year, Secretary Cusi said it would cost $2 billion to bring the nuclear plant to operational stream.

But the DOE Secretary admitted that while the power plant can still be brought on commercially, though there are 2 major hurdles for the government to solve – social acceptance by the public and the projected big cost.

It was the foresight of then President Ferdinand Marcos to create the country’s own nuclear power plant anticipating the energy needs of the country so that it can progress. We were ahead with our nuclear ambitions before it was mothballed. When the change of presidency happened, former President Corazon Aquino just decided not to use it.

The main reason for its non-use is basically delves on its safety issues.

It was only now during the Duterte administration, that the mothballed nuclear plant is being given the second look as an alternative source of energy for the country’s needs.

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Report from Manila Bulletin

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  1. I agree that we now have to take a look at the option of operating the plant. I believe it is one of the most efficient and cheap source of power.

  2. Agree too! Just make sure to employ trained/expert in maintenance on chemical handlings for nuclear fuels.