‘Corrupt officials should be stripped of dignity’ - Pres. Duterte

‘Corrupt officials should be stripped of dignity’ - Pres. Duterte

The patience of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte regarding corrupt officials in his administration is getting thinner by the minute.

Midway to his presidency, getting rid of the deeply rooted corruption in government is on the top of his priorities.

The President in the launch of Guangzhou Automobile Corp. (GAC) Motor Philippines in Pasig he just made the harshest statements and threats against these corrupt officials.
Pres. Duterteduring his speaking engagement in Pasig (photo credit to Philstar)
“Humiliation and maybe a loss of face is more than just the money. It is the worst way of losing whatever is left of you in this planet,” the President said.

“Idiots” this is what the president called corrupt officials in his administration.

The President emphasized that he is very much wanting to invite the business community to help the government hurdle obstacles most especially graft and corruption as well as in illegal drugs and criminality, he dreams of seeing the truest potential of the Filipino as nation builders.

“And I assure you that if it is indeed something which amounts to corruption or graft, I’ll give you the privilege of slapping that person a dozen times in front of me. That way, you place him in humiliation and you maybe shed off his dignity,” Duterte said.

The President has been known to have dismissed several ranking government officials all related to allegations of graft and corruption.

He explains to create a business-friendly environment in the country, government must eradicate corruption in all its forms.

Eliminating these social ills is the only way for us to attain genuine peace, foster economic growth and promote sustainable development for our people,” he emphasized.
“But I’ve always been of the belief that unless this country will have law and order and corruption in government stopped, we will go nowhere. Mark my word and remember me when I’m gone,” Pres. Duterte said.
He invites both local and foreign businessmen alike to report to him whatever bothers them in pursuing their business, including the very problematic bureaucratic red tape or corrupt officials.
“Everybody is put on notice that you can have an audience with me in my office by the Pasig River. I’m giving you a 24-hour audience as the case may be,” he said.
“Sabihin lang ninyo na may isumbong kayo (Just tell me you’re reporting something). You can approach any senator, congressman, any public official or your friend and all you have to do is to call somebody and it’s available, I am sure. The number is simply 8888. On TV, give his name – the person trying to extort or ask money from you or even little favors,” Duterte stressed.
“It is not mine. I am here just to enforce it,” he said, referring to laws that prohibit government officials from asking favors from businessmen in exchange for facilitating transactions.
“That’s why I said, unless we stop corruption, the Philippines would be just like flotsam going by the tide of the sea, to and fro,” he said.
He made it public his promise that any official  that is accused of any complaint will be facing him and the accuser.

“I will contact you and I will call the person you are complaining against and the three of us will talk,” he said.
Duterte explains that all he wants as chief executive is for everybody to take part in ensuring that corruption is eradicated once and for all in government.
“Working together, let us build a truly robust society where prospects for growth abound and where citizens enjoy a prosperous and comfortable life,” Duterte said.

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