CBCP Exec - Duterte creates controversy to hide gov't inefficiencies

CBCP Exec - Duterte creates controversy to hide gov't inefficiencies

They are at it again. Its like watching a pingpong battle.
The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines just wont let it go most especially for this particular administration.

Father Secillano and Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (photo credit to owner)

A few days after the president accused one bishop pocketing church money for his personal use, the chief executive is now being slammed by another member ot the clergy.
This time Duterte is being accused of creating controversies to turn the people’s attention away from the perceived inefficiencies of his administration.
“It’s obvious that he delights in creating controversy to deviate people’s attention from his government’s inefficiency,” Father Jerome Secillano, the current executive secretary of the CBCP’s public affairs committee, said in a facebook post.

Father Secillano, was reacting on the previous outbursts of the President urging people
to build chapels in their houses instead of going to church.
“I’m not sure if the President’s urgings can be considered ‘pastoral necessity’ … but his ignorance of the Church’s workings tells us Catholics that we should neither believe this guy, nor even take him seriously,” Father Secillano said.
The church, he said, houses the Eucharist, which is “Christ in the form of host (bread), which is reserved in the tabernacle.” It cannot be placed in houses, as the “danger for its desecration may occur,” he said.

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  1. I'm naive, but asians speaking spanish & english & are protestant & catholic, liitle strange if you ask me. But, if your willing to fight for a better country, i care not what your semitic god is i guess...