Destab moves against Duterte will not succeed - Malacanang

Destab moves against Duterte will not succeed - Malacanang

“Huwag na silang managinip ng People power para matanggal ang Presidente sa kanyang posisyon.”

That statement comes from Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, he made that statement amidst the persistence of plots to unseat the after the September 21 destabilization move fizzled out.

Pres. Duterte visits his wounded soldier at Cagayan De Oro City (philstar photo)

Roque said that the Duterte administration enjoys an “overwhelming” public support and as such any destabilization plots will not prosper or succeed.

Malacanang has labelled this group as “power hungry” destabilizers.

Recent surveys pertaining to the trust ratings of the President, leadership, and even his controversial war on drugs continues to show that Filipinos support Duterte.

“We have no doubt that there are power-hungry individuals in the opposition who would like to resort to extra-constitutional means in putting down the government of president Duterte and we have no doubt that the Magdalo are addicted to coup d’ etats, Roque referring to the group of mutineers who staged a mutiny and seized a posh Makati hotel during the presidency of former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Aroyo.

“However… we are confident that we enjoy overwhelming support from the people and therefore what these groups would want to see- the ouster of president Duterte- would not happen,” Roque said.

Intelligence reports from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), claims that the communists have plans to destabilize the Duterte government in line with their celebration of the international celebrations of communism and Marxism.

AFP Deputy Chief for operations Brig. General Antonio Parlade even made it public that “Red October” plot remains to be in play despite the September 21 plan to oust Duterte did not materialize. He claims opposition groups most notably Tindig Pilipinas withdrew from the unsuccessful plan after discovering that the communist leaders were behind it.

Malacanang in the past has already stated that the communist rebels are in direct contact with the political opposition in conspiring to unseat the President.

Roque in one of is press briefing said that “ We have no doubt that the Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples‘s Army) has been out to overthrow the government since they were founded.”

“When you won by the margin that the President had in the elections and you have this kind of support as shown in the surveys, they will have a hard time ousting the President.” Roque said.

The President Spokesperson reminded the members of the opposition that the mayor from Davao defeated their candidate Mar Roxas II by six million votes in the last presidential elections.

“Wait for the election. Run.That’s how democracy works.” Roque reiterated.
Further he emphasized that it is the Filipino people would be the “offended party” if ouster moves against the administration succeeds.

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