Cayetano to UN : Law-abiding citizens over criminals

Cayetano to UN : Law-abiding citizens over criminals

While the political opposition is having its field day over the interpretation of the speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte whether he committed an admission of guilt over the issues of extra-judicial killings (EJK’s), the Philippine’s top diplomat is doing his job for the country- addressing the United Nations.

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Peter Allan Cayetano was representing the country at the 73rd Session of the United  Nations in front of the different world leaders, there he declared that under the able leadership of President Duterte is successfully “salvaging” the Philippines form becoming a “narco-state”, he also made the assurance that the Philippines as one of the original signatory to the UN charter will continue to protect the rights of the law-abiding citizens and law enforcers over the rights of drug lords and criminals.

DFA Secretary Peter Allan Cayetano (philstar photo)

“As a sovereign and democratic country led by a duly elected President, we are on track in salvaging our deteriorating country from becoming a narco-state, or a state held hostage by the rich and powerful who ignore the plight of the poor, powerless and marginalized – or both,” Cayetano said in delivering the Philippine Statement in UN Headquarters in New York, USA.

Cayetano explains that the Philippine government under President Duterte has instituted reforms with the war on drugs protecting the rights of every Filipino.
The DFA Secretary represented Duterte in the UN Session which gathers world leaders annually, Cayetano conveyed the message that the country is “at one with the UN, in being uncompromising on the issues of rule-of-law,” just and equitable peace that leads to order, development and prosperity, and the protection of “each and every human being’s rights.”
Cayetano acknowledges that sometimes the Philippines differ with in how it expresses itself on local and world issues.
“Yet this should not be interpreted as turning our backs on the universal declaration on human rights,” the DFA secretary said.
On the contrary, Cayetano explains that the Philippines is instituting all of these reforms to be able to protect the rights of its citizens.
“Yes, rights of all Filipinos, if that is at all possible. But in cases where we have to choose between protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens and law enforcers versus the rights of drug lords and criminals, it is clear we will protect the former.”
“Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you do the same?” Cayetano said.

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  1. We are blessed for having a Foreign Affairs secretary who won't mince words when it comes defending the sovereignty of the Philippines.

  2. God bless you Sec Cayetano! Hope you lead the nation to greater heights!!