Duterte: Evidence of ouster plot by Reds, Magdalo, & political rivals to be made public

Duterte: Evidence of ouster plot by Reds, Magdalo, & political rivals to be made public

Now it can be told.

The President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his one on one interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Sal Panelo said that evidence of his enemies plot to remove him from MalacaƱang will be made to the public soon.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to Malacanang)

The Communist Party of the Philippines its exiled founder in the Netherlands Joma Sison, the Magdalo group, and other critics are in “constant communication” to remove him from power.

Sison, Magdalo, pati itong mga ayaw sa akin, ang talagang hindi tumanggap sa akin ever since the election – they have combined. And we have the evidence and we have the conversation provided by a foreign country sympathetic to us," Duterte said.

"Any day now, I'll ask that it be declassified," he added.

Duterte dared the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to work with the Trillanes led Magdalo group, if they feel and think that the opposition senator did something for the armed forces.

"I urge you to go to Trillanes. Kung nakita niyong may ginawa si Trillanes para sa inyo, go to them and stage a mutiny or revolution of whatever," he said.

He dared Magdalo group to start the ouster moves now.

"I am challenging Magdalo to start now. Sigurado ninyo na inyo ang sundalo, fine," Duterte said.

The opposition senator which is currently holed up in the senate claims that members of the AFP were supporting him in his fight against the President’s action voiding his amnesty, and even gave him documents to support his cause.

Also, he has denied any workings with the communists and other critics of the President, he even described Duterte as “paranoid”.


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Report from CNN Phils

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  1. We shall see in the declassified documents

  2. Ano pa ang gusto nyo our president is doing his job!!! who is joma sison a rebel!! We are stupid or the AFP is stupid to follow this person. Did he ever contributed anything to the countey??? He is just a frustrated fame and power climber just like trillanes and the magdalos and the opositionist. I say fuck off. Let our president finnish his term. He is voted by the people. You understand

  3. if the evidence provided by other country is real..declare rev.gov. now or martial law ..k