Cabinet Sec.- Oligarchs & Media scheming against Duterte

Cabinet Sec.- Oligarchs & Media scheming against Duterte

They can already feel the heat, the long arm of the government can now reach them.

Recent memory will say that it was only the incumbent sitting President – Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the only one who called out against the oligarchs- he told them to pay their respective taxes owed to the government.

Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to owner)
And it is this same reason that we could almost see a relentless attack against the sdministration of the mayor from Davao city, it we would take the word of Cabinet secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr.

Evasco accuses the media and the oligarchs of helping one another in order to hit President “left and right.”

“For the first time, this government was able to say (to these oligarchs), ‘pay your taxes now’,” Evasco stressed, during his speaking engagement in Benguet State University in La Trinidad.

He points out that big media companies are usually owned by rich families.

“There is an existing connivance between the oligarchs and the media who are now hitting the administration by reporting mostly negative news against the President,” said Evasco.

Last year the government received from Philippine Air Lines through local tycoon Lucio Tan a P6billion payment, while Mighty  Corp setteed with government P30 billion of its tax deliquency.

Evasco made a statement in public that the Duterte administration will not stop on its laurels, all companies which do not follow Philippine tax laws. One such company is the Dunkin Donuts Philippines a franchisee of the Prieto family, they are also the majority stockholders of Philippine Daily inquirer.

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  1. That is why, US who voted for our dear President tirelessly defending him to those who are trying to put him down by all these fake news coming out. We believe in him before he became president and we believe in him more than ever. God Bless our president.

    1. True, only in this Administration that we feel the changes for the betterment of our nation. God bless our President.

  2. DU30's job is a thankless one. I hope our good Lord will bless him with more strength, determination, and good health.

  3. To all peace loving Filipnos!!!In the country and in abroad/overseas. Let's continue supporting the Current Administration of the gov't under PRRDu30 to achieve and attain the better change.