Build,Build, Build projects under the Duterte admin will drastically cut travel time in 4 years - Sec. Villar

Build,Build, Build projects under the Duterte admin will drastically cut travel time in 4 years - Sec. Villar

What will the country gain from the Duterte administration’s ambitious Build Build Build?

Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar said that four years from now, travel time in the country will be cut drastically as almost all the planned infrastructure projects under the Golden Age of Infrastructure of the Duterte administration will be completed.
Villar was the guest speaker during the Manila Bulletin Hot Seat said that by 2020 half of the BBB projects will be completed while more than 80 percent of the projects will be ready by 2022, or by the time the term of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte ends.
Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar (photo credit to owner)
> “By 2020, we’ll see half of the projects completed, by 2022, by the time the term of the president ends, halos lahat natapos na (almost all projects are done). And like I said, ibang-iba (it would be so different), you won’t even remember what it was like before sa laking pagbabago (because of the big improvement),” he said.

The travel time by a Filipino commuter will be drastically cut, each expressway, bridge, and road widening is aimed at solving traffic congestion specifically in the metropolis.

“I’m not saying this to make false promises. I’m telling you project by project and what’s my basis for saying that. I make that clear. I’m just telling you these are the projects, this is our plan and this is our timetable and you can hold me with that timetable,” Villar said.

Public Works and Highways Secretary reported that his department has a total of 1,908 kilometers of roads have been widened, 328 kilometers of diversion roads have been constructed, 1, 316 kilometers of access roads have been upgraded, and 393 kilometers of missing gaps between national roads have been connected.

Luzon Spine Expressway

This expressway network is composed of several expressways in Luzon that aims to shorten existing travel time from Manila to La Union and Ilocos to Bicol. The expressways, according to Villar will double the existing length in the country from 382.26 kms to 834.72 kms.

Travel time from Metro Manila to San Fernando, La Union will be reduced from 6 hours and 55 minutes to 3 hours and 10 minutes. Travel time from Ilocos to Bicol will be reduced from 19 hours and 40 minutes to 8 hours and 15 minutes.

The Tarlac-Pangasinan Expressway, Central Luzon Link Expressway, Arterial Plaridel Bypass Road, Southeast Metro Manila Expressway, NLEX Harbor Link, Metro Manila Skyway- Stage 3, NLEX-SLEX Connector, NAIAX, Cavite-Laguna Expressway, SLEX-TR4, Quezon-Bicol Expressway and Laguna Lake Highway complete the whole Luzon Spine.

Metro Manila Logistics Network

This network is composed of 12 bridges within the metro which will provide alternative linkages between major thoroughfares and  will free space form the highly congested EDSA and major highways.
Secretary Villar mentioned 3 bridges, namely: Bonifacio Global City- Ortigas Center Link Road Project, Binondo-Intramuros Bridge, and the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, that also aim to decongest traffic.

The three bridges are ongoing and are expected to be completed by the year 2020.

“I believe we have a pipeline that will significantly, in the next few years, reduce the traffic congestion and we have the pipeline that will allow the next government to finish what we started,” Villar said, mentioning other projects implemented in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

Boracay rehab

The Boracay Circumferential Road, the island’s main road network, is now nearing completion. Then a narrow main road was widen to a 12- meter wide circumferential road was the agency’s main task in the rehab of the island.

Villar also said that roads missing gap from ManocManoc to Yapak, Malay Aklan is now 72 percent completed. Section 1 Cabagan to Hue Hotel is now 32 percent completed while Section Hue Hotel to Elizade Compound is now 27.20 percent completed

The necessary sidewalks has also been constructed to address the islands previous problem wherein motor vehicles and pedestrian share the narrow road. There is a plan to extend the road by a few more kilometers next year.

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Report from Manila Bulletin

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  1. I am satisfied with the build-build-build program of the present government. Though we spent trilions of money but the physical evidence is the answer. The only problem is the opposition said that the Duterte Administration did nothing. They closing their eyes because they're ashame to see several progressive projects of PRRD within the span of more than two years only. They only close their eyes and say the irony of good things.

  2. Those who can not see the progress of the Philippines today and all the great accomplishments of Duterte administration esp. In infrastructures thru build build build, in curving criminalities, corruption and illegal drugs are the politically BLIND who refuse to acknowledge the good deeds of the President. PRRD is truly a gift to the Filipinos!

  3. Thanks god there is someone like Pres Duterte to put them all together thru to a better way..Oppositions in the Philippines are the blockade to go forward leading to progress.