Robredo calls out Duterte admin to take action vs 'fake news'

Robredo calls out Duterte admin to take action vs 'fake news'

The Vice President of the Republic is calling out the Duterte administration to “take concrete steps” and support our fellow South East Asian neighbor Singapore’s call for an action against misinformation.


Singapore made the statement urging fellow Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member-states to implement their respective initiatives in battling fake news based on the framework that was agreed upon and that will serve as the common reference for all member-states.

Vice President Leni Robredo (photo credit to PCI)

Robredo, finding herself as a favorite topic in social media  expressed her support in Singapore’s call to “follow through on the bloc’s collective commitment to fight misinformation in the region.”


She explains that the fight against misinformation is “particularly important for us in the Philippines, as we continue to see fake news proliferate, impairing public discourse and contributing to the spread of false and inaccurate information among our people.”


The Vice President believes that “a well-informed citizenry is of utmost importance to our democracy,” Robredo urged the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to “take concrete steps to address” the problem on misinformation. “This calls on all of us to stand against misinformation and fight to ensure that truth will always have space in our country’s conversations,” Robredo added.


 Robredo is calling out the attention of the Duterte administration that it should take more active steps that will curb the prevalence of misinformation using the ASEAN Framework and Joint Declaration to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Fake News – which was crafted at the 14th Conference of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) in May 2018 – as a guide.


She said, the Philippines should, take an  “active part in paving the way” for the ASEAN Framework and Joint Declaration to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Fake News, as chair of the AMRI in 2017. “As such, we should be at the forefront of efforts to implement the Declaration as a guide in combating the proliferation of fake news, and improving media and information literacy,” she added.

Before, the vice president decided to be silent and mum regarding the different malicious reports hurled against her, up until she realized that it is “dangerous to keep quiet on false claims because it only enables the lies to shape the mindset of some people,” she started fighting back.


Last May in her Facebook page she uploaded a two part video addressing the different malicious accusations and insinuations that was attributed to her such as he issue regarding her  supposed “boyfriends,” alleged “pregnancy,” her “meet-and-greet” with an alleged “fundraiser” in Los Angeles; etc.


One of the issues that has irked Robredo the most is when she is called “fake VP”, and that “dead voters” voted for her – which really redound to discrediting her family and family’s name. “I repeat, our family does not have a history of cheating,” she said.


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