PH better off with dictator like Marcos than leader like Leni Robredo- PRRD

PH better off with dictator like Marcos than leader like Leni Robredo- PRRD

Robredo just can’t hack it.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that the country would be better to have a “dictator in the likes of Marcos” than to have a leader like the Vice President and Liberal party highest elected official Maria Leonor Robredo.
Vice President Leni Robredo and former Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr (photo credit to owner)

“If I stop now my crusade against drugs and if there no order in this place, Philippines and corruption will continue, we’re dead. I said you’re better off with a dictator in the likes of Marcos. That is what I suggested. You can have constitutional succession, it’s Robredo. But she cannot hack it,” Duterte said in a speaking engagement at the 49th Mandaue City Charter Day in Cebu

The President echoed the same statement he made when he described the young Marcos (the other one was Chiz Escudero) the son of former President Ferdinand Marcos, to be his successor.

The President has been in constant attacks form the opposition and human rights groups since he decided in 2016 when he decided to let the remains of the late president be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City.

The said decision was backed by a Supreme Court decision which states that there is no legal impediment in the burying of the remains of Ferdinand Marcos- who is a former President of the Republic.

The President has also been vocal calling the Robredo as “incompetent” and would not be fit to run the country.

The Vice President and former senator Bongbong Marcos are both facing an electoral protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) after the latter accused the former of cheating him in the last May 2016 elections, the same elections that catapulted Duterte to the Presidency.


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  1. President DU30 is right in saying that Leni Robredo is not fit to be his successor. For one thing, if another Marawi seige will errupt again in her term as president do we think she can handle the situation like PRRD did ? Can she muster enough courage to resolve the situation and make immediate decision and action to quail the rebels or the ISIS terrorists ? Another, is how would she resolve the issues on West philippiinne sea, and the South China Sea. How prepare is she to face the opponent, China, head-on ? Do what Pinoy did,sent Trillanes again as backdoor channel to negotiate with China ? Or appoint atty. Pamatong as her Chief legal counsel to craft the strategy on how to appease the situation to achieve a win-win solution. does she have the experience and the experties to do so, or hire more consultants to do the math computations for her to determine what are the best options to take - like what Trillanes is doing at this time. Test her ability on what possible options she will take to on these two issues if RRRD will step down one of these days and she is to succeed as president as mandated by the constitution.