Oligarchs leading well planned resistance to federalism- CJ Puno

Oligarchs leading well planned resistance to federalism- CJ Puno

A well-funded and planned resistance is being implemented against the move to change the form of government to its present form to federalism.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the presidential campaign made the change to federalism as one of his main political promises.

He created the Consultative Committee (ConCom) that was tasked to draft the federalism charter and had no other than the honorable former Chief Justice Reynato Puno as its chairperson.
Former Chief Justice and now Chairman of the Consultative Committee (ConCom) Reynato Puno (photo credit to RTVM)

Currently the planned shift is facing an uphill battle.

According to former Chief Justice Reynato Puno – political dynasties and the economic elite are very much active in resisting the proposal to shift to federalism.

“It will take more than quiet words to change this status quo protected and secured by political dynasties who will not yield their monopoly of political power and the economic elite that established a new monarchy, the monarchy of the moneyed, and will not — never — give up their throne,” said Puno.

This was said by Puno last weekend in MalacaƱang during the ceremony disbanding the consulatative committee that drafted the federal Constitution, he said that entrenched political and business interests opposed any change to the status quo, even if such change will benefit the poor in the long run.

“Their factotums are everywhere, esconded from within the government and encompassed by business interests organized as cartels and oligopolies, with [an] evil eye [cast on] crusaders for change,” he said

The former chief justice said that the 22 members of the consultative committee would now shift their focus in the much needed information and advocacy drive for the change to federalism, which will be headed by MalacaƱang.

The bigger challenges is overcoming the opposition, add the fact that there is a general public ignorance regarding federalism.

“We should tell the people that federalism will end the culture of undue dependence on the central government, their compelled mendicancy from distant government officials who are unaware of their problems, hence unable to provide their solutions,” Puno said.

“Federalism is for freedom for our poverty-stricken countrymen, in our different regions, real freedom to direct their political and economic destiny, and save them from a future of futility,” the former chief justice  added.


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Report from PDI

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  1. Sir Saludo po ako!for your mind brilliant and intelligent like you the malacanang need you!!!..

  2. Kaya, my next option to bring genuine change is revolutionary government.

  3. Decentralized government ibig sabihin mas maraming politician sa federal government at sa local government. Hindi naman yung form of government ang corrupt kundi ang mga taong nakapwesto. Kung mas maraming pwesto na uupuan ang mga corrupt eh di mas malaking problema para sa bansa.