Lorenzana on Joma's rejection of local peace talks : " just a noisy distraction, like the barking of a dog that is best ignored"

Lorenzana on Joma's rejection of local peace talks : " just a noisy distraction, like the barking of a dog that is best ignored"

Defense Secretary slams Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison.


After withdrawing from the peace negotiations by not agreeing to conduct it here in home soil, he has accused the Philippine government of sabotaging the peace efforts and all other things which are totally false.


The track the government now is to conduct peace talks locally which means excluding Sison.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and CPP founder Joma Sison( photo credit to owner)

Few days ago, Sison called the government move as a “waste of government funds.”


“This is a stupid waste of money. It is a kind of racket with the local political followers and military agents of [President Rodrigo] Duterte pocketing the money for the fake surrenders,” Sison said in his Facebook page             


The Defense Secretary calls  Sison’s rantings as “noisy distraction, like the barking of a dog.”


"Sison’s rejection of localized peace talks comes as no surprise to us. Unfortunately for him, what he thinks and says are immaterial because we have now brought the discourse to the local insurgents sans Mr. Sison. I consider Sison’s rejection and rant as just a noisy distraction, like the barking of a dog that is best ignored."


Lorenzana reiterates government’s desire to peace talks with the reds, and it is not predicated on whether or not Sison is part of it.


"Did he think that the government would stop just because the 'mighty' Sison rejects it? Fat chance Mr. Sison. Do you really think that you still hold sway over events here in the Philippines? Dream on Mr. Sison. Hold on to your misguided dreams because they are all that’s left for you. The world has moved on while you continue to wallow in your delusions of grandeur. The reality on the ground is that your fighters, whom you have abandoned in order to seek the comforts of the Netherlands is wizening up and returning to the folds of the law in great numbers," he added.


Lorenzana slams Sison for degrading the act of government extending its arms for peace, and by branding it as a “waste of money.”


"If the money given to those returning to society so that they will have stable and sustainable livelihoods, so that their families will have medical care, so that their children can go to school, so that they will have the resources to start new lives and put food on their tables is a waste of money, so be it. Let us waste more money on these kinds of endeavors then. Your problem Mr. Sison is that you consider money that is not spent to prop up your gargantuan ego is money wasted. I’ll tell you Mr. Sison what money is really being wasted: the monies that you and your cohorts have extorted under the guise of your so-called 'revolutionary taxation scheme' that are never accounted for. While we are at it, let us also include the money spent to maintain your luxurious lifestyle in the Netherlands. Now, that is a real waste of money," the defense chief said.

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