Leni Robredo is ‘voice of reason, calm’ amid chaos –Kiko Pangilinan

Leni Robredo is ‘voice of reason, calm’ amid chaos –Kiko Pangilinan

No amount of damage control can soften the blow, even if Liberal Party President Senator Francis “Jijo” Pangilinan is taking the fight for the “incompetent” Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo.

Barely 24 hours when President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will not step down for Leni Robredo to be president because he thinks she is not ready to govern the country.
Vice President Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo (photo credit to owner)

“Siya ang mag-presidente (She will become president)? Look, I will not resign because it will make her president. My resignation is addressed to the people para makapili sila ng gusto nila (so that they can choose who they want). Siya, I don’t think she can ever be ready to govern my country. Reason? Incompetence,” he said.

Senator Pangilinan has made it public when she described Robredo as the “voice of reason, calm, and sobriety.” This after Robredo declared that she is willing to lead the opposition against the Duterte administration.

“Now, amid the naked rule of force, utter disrespect for life, and abandonment of the people, especially the poor, Vice President Leni is the voice of reason, calm, and sobriety,” he said in a statement.

Kiko Pangilinan explains that Robredo’s declaration only formalizes her role in the mix of all these things  which is to be the “stabilizing balance” for those in power and their “mistaken policies” and “abuse of the people’s trust.”

“The opposition coalition that is being formed revolves around her compassionate, empowering, and responsible leadership,” Kiko Pangilinan said.

“Vice President Leni Robredo is Partido Liberal’s chairperson. She is our leader in the party. She is our leader in the country,” he added.

“We at Partido Liberal continue to follow Vice President Leni’s lead.”

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  1. LP would not stop! But most Filipinos are not anymore deaf and blind as they used to be. Leni is very incompetent as a leader and she has manifested that already in several occasions.

    1. The President really hit the spot when he described Leni as a leader, it would be very hard to come back from that statement- the Damage has been done. But knowing the Liberal Party they will bombard the mainstream media just to mitigate the damage done- propaganda as its best.

      Thanks Bing for the feedback, please continue supporting the PH Chronicles


    1. hahaha cant agree with you more :)

      Thank you for the comment and please continue supporting TPC