How the Aquino administration lost Panatag/Scarborough shoal to China

How the Aquino administration lost Panatag/Scarborough shoal to China

Yesterday was the second year anniversary where the Philippines won against China before the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague, which nullified the nine dash line concept that claims most of the South China Sea( West Philippine Sea – known to us).

To mark the occasion, Metro Manila woke up seeing a number of tarpaulins hanging at strategic foot bridges with the test : “Welcome to the Philippines, province of China.”

Malacañang through Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque released this statement: “Because we continue to assert our sovereignty and sovereign rights. But we decided to move on on issues which are non-controversial because we know that the final resolution particularly on the issue of sovereignty on the disputed islands will take many years to resolve since this was not the subject of the arbitral ruling that we won two years ago.”
Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Former President Aquino, and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV(photo credit to owner)

Roque called the tarpaulins as “absurd” and even dared the enemies of the government to try a stunt again but make it sure “a better gimmick thatn that.”

“They [the enemies of the government]are propagating a lie that we have given up on our national territory. It’s very far from the truth. The President has said repeatedly that we will stand up for what is ours,” he said

Who is really responsible for Philippine Sea dispute over the Spratly’s

Former Ambassador and now Manila Times hard hitting columnist Rigoberto Tiglao has provided us who is really the culprit that started all of this problem in the first place- it was former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary an Aquino appointee, Albert del Rosario.

 In his July 9, 2018 article in the Manila Time titled “Del Rosario admits he was hoodwinked into giving up Panatag”, Tiglao eloquently presented how the Philippines lost the control of Panatag shoal ( Scarborough) which is just 124 nautical miles off Masinloc, Zambales, all because of Del Rosario’s HUGE blunder.

Apparently it was the former DFA Secretary who gave the go signal for our two ships ,one of each from the Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)and the Coast Guard to leave the shoal without the express authority from former President Benigno Aquino, this was attested by Senator Antonio Trillanes who was appointed then as the back-channel envoy in that crisis.


“Backchannel talks

Both in an interview with Trillanes with me in 2015, and in his aide memoire “Backchannel Talks” that he gave me, the senator claimed it was del Rosario who was responsible for the boo-boo, with Aquino himself blaming his foreign secretary.

“PNoy called me to inform me that our two BFAR (Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources) vessels already left the shoal but China reneged on the agreement of simultaneous withdrawal of their ships, so two of them [were]still inside the shoal,” Trillanes wrote in his aide memoire.

“I asked him who agreed with what, since I was just hammering out the details of the sequential withdrawal because the mouth of the shoal was too narrow for a simultaneous withdrawal. The President told me that Sec. del Rosario told him about the agreement reached in Washington,” Trillanes wrote.

Trillanes continued: “This time I asked PNoy: ‘If the agreement was simultaneous withdrawal, why did we leave first?’ PNoy responded to this effect: ‘Kaya nga sinabihan ko si Albert kung bakit niya pinalabas yung BFAR na hindi ko nalalaman.’ (That’s why I asked Albert [del Rosario]why he ordered the BFAR vessels to leave without my permission.)”

Based on accounts of very credible sources, what actually transpired was as follows:

Fu Ying, China’s vice minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of Asia (who had been ambassador here from 1998 to 2000) met June 1 in Washington with Kurt Campbell, US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, to discuss Aquino and del Rosario’s request for the Americans to intervene—even militarily, my sources claimed—in the Scarborough Shoal crisis. Campbell relayed President Obama’s position that the US cannot intervene in the dispute, and instead suggested a simultaneous withdrawal of vessels from Panatag Shoal (also known as Bajo de Masinloc) to de-escalate the tension.

The Chinese official told Campbell that she would relay the suggestion to her superiors in Beijing. However, for some unexplained reason, the then US Ambassador to Manila Harry Thomas that very day told del Rosario that China had already agreed to a simultaneous withdrawal.”

Tiglao claims up until now, Sec. Del Rosario, continues to claim that China agreed with the Philippines on a simultaneous withdrawal, and that it was brokered by the “US, an Honest broke.”

That order made by Del Rosario in the middle of the night, the Coast Guard and the BFAR vessels to pull out of the Scarborough shoal, leaving the two Chinese vessels in complete control of the shoal, without the express authority from the President marked the time we lost control of that shoal – FOREVER.

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Report from Manila Times

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  2. So..who is to blame? it's the three - Del Rosario, Trillanes & Noynoy.

  3. 'Twas the gov't of Pnoy that had the clear moral & legal obligation to perform & execute the tasks & duties mandated to them by the constitution.
    Yet, the enemies of the Duterte gov't had the gall to impute on Duterte gov't the "blunder" that the PNoy admin committed...which cud have been avoided had proper course of action been adhered to by PNoy-Phl Officials consistent to stand to some historical possession on the now contested area which Phils hv had on it...long before the issue on wps-scs came!
    That "tarpaulin" thing that some idiots bannered...they really dont know the negative effect, on our country and to our leaders, aren't they?

  4. So Scarborough is for Noynoy
    And Sabah is for Ninoy
    Father and son treason

  5. Noynoy is the president and the simultaneous widrawal will not take place without his approval if so why didnt he send back our ships if china did not widraw then on that time. Noynoy as president is irresponsible

  6. It is due to inefficient quality of governing his country by President Aquino. He is a failure to this country and all his trustee!