ConCom : Federalism is still best solution for over-centralization

ConCom : Federalism is still best solution for over-centralization

Last week Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan slams the administration for its intent to push the change in the form of government to Federalism.

"For the ordinary citizen, Cha-cha (charter change) and federalism not only taste bad, they're also not useful and satisfying, and may even be poisoned by no-el and term extension. The people will throw up force-fed (no elections) and Cha-cha," Pangilinan said in a statement.
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Pangilinan warns MalacaƱang should not “force” charter change since it might pull down the administration’s approval to a record low.


In addressing the concerns of the Liberal Party president, Consultative Committee (ConCom) spokesperson Ding Generoso emphasized that Federalism is still the best antidote for the over concentration of powers in the national government.


Federalism in the country will create a situation where government powers, resources, determination of policies, programs, and projects are properly distributed between the federal government and the federated regions.


In the draft ,it assures that there will be a “permanent, indissoluble nation.”


In a federalism form of government, we will adopt more representative legislature, adopts four high courts, strengthens constitutional commissions, establishes 16 federated regions, and the Bangsamoro and Cordillera Regions, and their governments.


 In the draft it  also states/ gives exclusive powers, including power to tax and makes a more effective exercise of people's initiative to enact, amend, or repeal laws, and to amend or revise the Constitution.

Spokesperson Generoso explained in the Senate the structure of the federal government on the Articles on the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary departments.


Both Houses will vote



Consultative Committee chairperson and former Chief Justice Reynato Puno agreed with the Senate that the two houses of Congress should vote on charter change.

“I expressed my own opinion that voting shall be done separately by both Houses of Congress,” Puno said during the hearing.

“I do not claim that I am the legal Einstein of our Constitution. There is another school of thought and I respect that,” he added.


The former top magistrate responded to the question raised by another opposition senator- Bam Aquino who sought the ConCom memebers interpretation on how the Congress would make amendments to the charter.

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