Pres. Duterte to Church: Help, don’t just criticize drug war

Pres. Duterte to Church: Help, don’t just criticize drug war

Let’s face it, there is a problem regarding the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

The whole history of the country would be different if Rodrigo Roa Duterte was not elected as President of the republic last 2016. But since he has garnered an overwhelming number of votes that catapulted him from Davao city to Malacañang palace, he has no choice but to make true to one of his campaign promise- that he will solve the problem of the country against illegal drugs.

Other than the politicians belonging to the “other fence” the Catholic church also has given their weight in criticizing the administration in the implementation of its brutal war on illegal drugs. Being in a predominantly catholic country, the sermon on the pulpits has its own weight in the area of public opinion.  *
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (photo credit to owner)

President Duterte has called on the church to help his administration in addressing the drug problem the country is currently facing. He said priests would be of big help because of the scope they have in their respective parishes.

“These priests, they easily condemn (the government’s anti-drug war),” the President said during a Malacañang-sponsored dinner for members of the media.

 “You go to these people (drug suspects) and tell them to stop already. You have the money to do that. That’s your job (also),” Duterte said, addressing the Catholic clergy – which has been  one of the loudest voices that criticizes  his anti-drugs war and the alleged deaths of 13,000 individuals linked to illegal drugs.

“They are alive, you talk to them and tell them they would end up in a very serious situation if they continued,” the President  added.

Duterte said the Catholic church could do this “preemptive move” if priests and bishops wanted to help his administration.

“Also talk to the barangay captains (who are into drugs),” Duterte said.

Duterte then explained that Barangay captains were not in the forefront of his anti-drugs campaign because “40 percent of them are involved in drugs.”

“You see? That’s how serious the problem is,” he added. *

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