Sereno to other SC Justices : my taking of leave is not resignation from being Chief Justice

Sereno to other SC Justices : my taking of leave is not resignation from being Chief Justice


The cracks are beginning to be more visible.

A day after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court announced that she will be spending an indefinite leave starting March 1, has made another statement addressing the true nature of that leave since different interpretations has been attributed to among her Supreme Court colleagues.

Chief Justice Sereno apologized to her colleagues in the Supreme Court (SC) for the confusion over the true nature of her leave.  *
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno (photo credit to owner)

Sereno made it clear in her statement that her taking of leave is not in any way to be taken as her abdicating her position as top magistrate of the country.

In a statement, she expressed regret that her camp’s announcement of her leave was “inaccurately conveyed,” by her spokespersons which drew the ire of the SC justices.

“It is unfortunate that my plan of making use of an already approved wellness leave in relation to an indefinite leave was inaccurately conveyed for which I apologize,”

Sereno explained that she is just following to the letter the administrative rules of the SC, which do not contain any provision for an “indefinite leave.”

CJ cited the provisions stated under Rule 7, Section 6c of the Internal Members of the Supreme Court, which qualifies the use of her wellness leave for her indefinite leave.

She added that she understood the sentiment of the SC’s 13 associate justices in their expectations on the announcement of her indefinite leave.

Still , CJ Sereno reiterated that her indefinite leave would not mean that she would step down from office.

"I have not resigned and I will not resign. This indefinite leave is not a resignation. I will devote my time to the preparation of my Senate defense and work on the cases in my docket,” she said. *

Indictment is forthcoming

Lawyer Jojo Lacanilao, one of Sereno’s spokespersons, in an interview stated that they preparing for the big battle ahead as the House of Representatives is expected to indict the Chief Justice.

Awaiting the formal filing of the articles of impeachment in the senate, they are already preparing for the possible defenses and strategies of their client. He also expressed his apologies for any confusion that may have been caused by Sereno’s taking of leave.

“Therefore, there was no malice from anyone of us to confuse, mislead or obfuscate what were fast-developing events in the Supreme Court. By this, we hope to clarify our participation as spokespersons of CJ Sereno,” Lacanilao said.

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