Roque re Callamard : We'll invite her to swim in Pasig river if she visits PH

Roque re Callamard : We'll invite her to swim in Pasig river if she visits PH

She is not welcome here.

The Philippines has made its intention very clear that its doors are open to be investigated by the United Nation Human Rights Council provided it will someone who would be fair and reasonable.  Simply put- anybody can do the investigations as long as it is not  Agnes Callamard!

The government feels that it cannot have an unbiased review under Callamard since she has already prejudged the country in its campaign against illegal drugs when she showed up as a special guest in an event that was clearly connected to those who oppose the Duterte administration. *
UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard (photo credit to owner)

So what happens if United Nations Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard comes Philippines?

This was actually a questioned that was posed to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque last weekend.

Roque in all his wittiness, answered the reporters by saying they will invite the United Nations Special Rapporteur- to swim in the Pasig river!.

"Kung siya po ay papasok sabihin niya, nagkaroon siya ng obserbasyon bilang turista. So kapag pumasok po siya ay aanyayahan po namin siyang lumangoy sa malamig na tubig ng Pasig River," he said.

The Presidential Spokesperson answered this when a scenario was thrown at him where Agnes Callmard enters the country as a tourist, but eventually investigates the alleged extra judicial killings in her time staying in the country.

The special rapporteur has been locking horns with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte over the alleged extra judicial killings being perpetrated to the poor under the direct orders form the President. The war on illegal drugs has been one of the campaign promises of Duterte to which has been implemented since he stepped in Malacañang palace.

Last week in Roque expressed the country’s openness to be investigated by the UN’s Human Rights Council as long as Callamard is out of the picture. *

The Presidential Spokesperson said Agnes Callmard had failed to pass the government's standards in terms of "character, credibility, and trustworthiness."

Roque clarified that Callamard is “welcome” as a tourist and as a matter of fact has already been in the country without an invitation.

Roque added if Callamard enters, she should make it clear her observations were made as a visitor and not part of her work as a UN special rapporteur.

"Kaya lang ang masama doon huwag niyang palalabasin na nag-imbestiga siya kasi ang pagpasok sa Pilipinas, hindi naman po iyan katumbas ng pag-iimbestiga," said Roque.
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