Pag asa ng bayan? see what has fallen to a UP graduate in the hands of the communists

Pag asa ng bayan? see what has fallen to a UP graduate in the hands of the communists

A few weeks back Malacañang reminded student protesters of the University of the Philippines- not to waste taxpayer’s money by walking out of their classes to participate in any rally against the current administration.

This pronouncement was followed when President Duterte threatened to replace protesting University of the Philippines students with those from the lumad communities in Mindanao.

“Earlier today, they walked out. Go ahead,” President Rodrigo Duterte said in reaction. “f you don’t want to go to school, get out of there because I will bring [indigenous] students who are bright and put them there. A lot of Filipinos want to have an excellent education.”  *

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Just recently a newly Mass Com graduate of the University of the Philippines Cebu  a youth leader turned NPA-terrorist Anakbayan  Director, Myles Albasin, along with five other NPA's and two minors has been captured by Armed Forces of the Philippines Special Operations Team in an upper barangay in Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Recovered from them were  six high powered assault rifles, subversivw propaganda, documents , and ammunitions.

Anakbayan Cebu in its Facebook page made a statement regarding the capture of Myles Albasin.

We are quoting the whole statement made by Anakbayan Cebu in its Facebook page for knowledge and clarity purposes of our reading audience, you’ll be the judge if the taxpayer you have paid was all worth it for this University of the Philippine graduate:



Earlier this morning, six (6) alleged members of the New People’s Army were captured by the 62nd Infantry Batallion in Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Among the arrested is Myles Albasin, former chairperson of Anakbayan UP Cebu. She was a student leader who was awakened and has been exposed on the worsening educational crisis involving the Filipino youth. She was also active in advancing the plight and struggle of the farmers, fisherfolks, and indigenous people, especially the Lumads, through her immersions and integrations with them.  *

The arrest of Albasin is alarming since the reactionary military forces have a track record of violent and inhumane treatments of their captives especially women. On 2014, Recca Monte, a UP Diliman student, was captured and was later found dead with injuries on the head, face, and chest. Josephine Lapira and Kamil Manangan, both women activist, were brutally murdered and were barely recognizable after an alleged encounter with the Armed Forces of the Philippines last November 2017.  Last month, macho-fascist Rodrigo Duterte also released a misogynist remark of encouraging the military to shoot women rebels in their vagina.  Now, the military has a move not to disclose the name of Albasin on media reports for "security reasons." We fear for her and her companions’ safety as the military might closely have suspicious intentions behind this.

We no longer blame the decision of thousands of Filipino youth to take the road of revolution. The worsening situation in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society, intensified by the anti-poor and anti-people programs and policies of the US-Duterte regime, push the Filipino youth to take a decisive stand and action to be at the forefront in changing this system. The Tax Reform on Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law of President Duterte will worsen the poverty experienced by the poor and will only benefit the few big businessmen and foreign investors. His administration also maneuvers to railroad the constitutional reform which will further legitimize the expansion of foreign nations on their control over our resources and will sooner lead to dictatorship of Duterte.  *

If strongman Duterte is sincere and honest in achieving a just and lasting peace, his administration should face the unrelenting calls of the oppressed Filipino people and genuinely tackle the roots of the armed conflict.

Resume peace talks!
Oppose the macho-fascist US-Duterte regime!
Struggle for a just and lasting peace!


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