Duterte on UN Rapporteurs : feed them to the crocodiles

Duterte on UN Rapporteurs : feed them to the crocodiles

The President really know his politics.

A few days passed when United Nations Human Rights Council head Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein told President Duterte should have his head examined, the President has a ready reply to that statement. President Duterte said that the United Nations human rights members should all be fed to the crocodiles as he justified his order for the police to ignore the rapporteurs when they come to investigate the Duterte government’s war on drugs.

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary defended the President against that statement, as well as Senator Panfilo Lacson.But it seems the President does need any defending as he fires back.   *
The President justified his orders to the PNP in ignoring the UN probers, saying they might incriminate themselves( photo credit to PCOO)

“If these fools come here, are there crocodiles here? The ones that eat people? Throw those sons of b****** to them,” he said in a speaking engagement with soldiers in Zamboanga City over the weekend.


The president justified his orders to the police to ignore human rights investigators, saying he was protecting law enforcers from incriminating themselves.


The president has been scrutinized by the critics for his brutal war against illegal drugs, which they have alleged to have been the proximate cause of the summary executions.


The president told the audience that the best way to answer the probers is to remain silent.

“You know, they say they are investigating us. My God, you fools! If you are investigating us, the rule in criminal law is, any statement or answer that you give may incriminate you,” the President said.

“If you answer their questions, it will be freewheeling, it is recorded. If you are called there, you are bound by whatever you say. So the best way is to just keep silent. Just tell them: ‘We have a Commander-in-Chief.’ Haven’t I told you? I take full responsibility,” Pres. Duterte added. 

Duterte claimed that his order is allowed under the current 1987 Constitution. *

“(These human rights groups) got angry because the advice is ‘do not answer questions from them’ and that is for a reason – legal. That is provided for in the Constitution itself,” the President said. 

President Duterte said investigators would see several loopholes from the statements of police officers “because we are not situated in the same situation or similarly situated at one time.” 

“It’s (going to) be convoluted... then that places us in jeopardy. They will see many loopholes, but if you shut up, just say: ‘Duterte ordered it. Destroy the organization.’ What’s wrong with that? Can I not protect my country by killing people and destroying apparatus?” he added. 

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