Duterte administration set to launch ‘JJJ’ to complement ‘BBB’

Duterte administration set to launch ‘JJJ’ to complement ‘BBB’

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's administration Build, Build, Build project is currently at full swing and one of the benefits seen with this project is not only in the infrastructure side, but also in the creation of jobs.

How about the JJJ program?

The administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, spearheaded by the Department of Public Works Secretary Mark A. Villar made a complimentary program to make sure the flagship project’s under the Build, Build, Build (BBB) program will not be derailed due to lack of manpower.  *

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To be launched this month of May the government will be embarking on a mass recruitment/hiring program, with the technical people as its primary target- that will be called “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (JJJ).

“We’re still working with the DOF [Department of Finance], we’re working with other agencies, the BBB team, in order to undertake matching with jobs. We are already looking for people. We are recruiting and we are aggressive in recruitment. We will have the ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’  program for matching,” Villar said in a Coffee Club Forum sponsored by BusinessMirror.

The Department of Public Works Secretary explains that the JJJ program will be targeting Filipino professionals locally and from abroad, and recognized that the government would be in direct competition with private employers—including and not limited to salary-wise—to get the required number of skilled people to improve the implementing agencies’ absorptive capacity.
“The cost of labor will go up…but many will be coming back from overseas. Before, I was in housing [sector], and our engineers were going abroad. Most of them are still abroad. But, if the salary here would be competitive, even if not as high, they will come back. That will become the dynamic,” Villar added. 

The government already anticipated the problem in the recruitment of professionals as it would pursue its gigantic infrastructure programs for the country, the JJJ program would address this aspect especially those engineers working abroad, if so they decide to participate in the BBB program under the Duterte administration.  *
Being able to attract returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) augurs well for the quality of BBB projects, Villar said, noting that major infrastructure undertakings abroad, particularly those in the Middle East, were mainly done by Filipinos.
“We have millions of workers who want to come back any time, and this will create jobs for them, actually.”he added.

 Villar cites that for his department alone there will be a need to hire 3,000 engineers to implement the BBB project of President Duterte. They will be also adding seven more lawyers in each regional office. Currently there were only two lawyers per DPWH office and only 10,000 engineers in the agency nationwide.
With additional personnel, Villar said the DPWH aims to improve its absorptive capacity. However, he said the obligations rate of the agency shot up to 92 percent in 2017, despite having its largest budget in its history.
Secretary Villar bares that the Duterte administration will be very strict when it comes to project implementation, most specially the deliverables of the contractors.

The Secretary disclosed that the government  is now processing the blacklisting of around 10 contractors per region that are underperforming, or have failed to deliver on time the projects that were awarded to them.*
The government has given them a grace period of one month, if still they cannot get their acts together these contractors will be blacklisted.
“We want to see the projects finished immediately. We give them time to catch up with slippages. If there’s no viable reason for them, we have to cancel the projects. We have no choice, we have to award it to others who can do the job,” Villar said.

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