CJ Sereno: "My only wish is, please wait for me to air my side before the Senate"

CJ Sereno: "My only wish is, please wait for me to air my side before the Senate"

The Chief Justice speaks her mind amongst all the noise surrounding her person being the Chief Justice.

A day after the Philippine Judges Association (PJA), Supreme Court Employees Association (SCEA), Supreme Court Assembly of Lawyer Employees (SCALE), Philippine Association of Court Employees (PACE) and the Sandiganbayan Employees Association (SEA), made a joint statement calling the top magistrate to resign, Maria Lourdes Sereno calls for some sort of ceasefire… just enough time for her to air her side of the story.

Sereno vowed to fight “to the end” as she shrug off the moves of the court employees and has labelled it as “extra-constitutional adventurism” that could further hurt the rule of law in the country.  *
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno during a speaking engagement organized by her supporters in the University of the Philippines in Diliman (photo credit Philstar)

“Resigning from my post as Chief Justice will only serve to erode the independence of the Supreme Court and embolden those who demand a subservient judiciary,” CJ Sereno said in a speaking engagement organized by her supporters in Quezon City.


The top magistrate slammed her critics for their moves to remove her as Chief Justice and reminded them to just wait for her formal trial before the Senate impeachment court.


Last week the Office of the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto petition questioning the legality of Sereno’s appointment as chief magistrate.


Sereno in the same speaking engagement stressed she would “do the right thing and fight this impeachment to the end.”

Sereno lambasted her critics who are part of government for the abusing their power.

“Alang-alang sa Inang Bayan, kailangang labanan ko ito para hindi maulit ang kalapastanganan ng ito ng ilang makapangyarihan (For the sake of our motherland, I need to fight this so there will not be a repeat of this travesty by those in power),” the Chief Justice added.

The flag ceremony yesterday by court employees mark the second week of the “red Monday” protest which they showed up in red shirt to further dramatize their protests against Chief Justice Sereno. *


The joint statement states that , “The pending impeachment proceedings in recent months have put the entire judiciary in disrepute, thereby affecting the honor and integrity of its justices, judges, officials have pitted against each other resulting in a distressing atmosphere. This is aggravated by the fact that the Court en banc has taken cognizance of the petition for quo warrants and ordered her to file her comment thereto, instead of dismissing it outright. The Court can no longer endure a prolonged environment of this kind. Its officials and personnel, truly dedicated and conscientious public servants, cannot go through another set of hearings and go against each other again in the Senate.”


Sereno bewailed that some of the judges and court employees may have been feeling the political pressure from the side of the government.


“It is very sad for the institution that some judges and employees whose freedom and conscience and independence I have fought very hard to defend have succumbed to pressures to enter the political fray,” CJ Sereno said.

“They say the judiciary should move on. But what peace can there be if there is no justice? And there can never be justice unless all parties are heard. My only wish is, please wait for me to air my side before the Senate,” she said. *

Sereno expressed confidence the judiciary “will emerge stronger and more highly regarded” after the controversy.

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