US delivers explosives, ammunition to AFP for its anti-terrorism operations

US delivers explosives, ammunition to AFP for its anti-terrorism operations

Another good news for the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Mutual Defense treaty ally United States of America gave the AFP its much needed boost in terms of ammunitions and explosives. It may be recalled the Marawi siege last year made a significant toll on the stocks in the SFP’s inventory and any help it can get from allied countries is greatly appreciated by the modernizing AFP.

The AFP who is in the middle of its modernization program relies heavily in western weapons principally from the donations of the United States of America. It is only now , under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte the Philippines is looking for other suppliers in military hardware- Russia, China and India to name a few.  *

US recently delivered to the AFP unspecified numbers of explosives and ammunition for the country's anti-terrorism operations.(photo credit to PhilStar)


In a statement prepared by the US Embassy in Manila, representatives form the Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) delivered the ammunition and explosives to the Philippine forces through the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) last January 18.

“These transfers help further the military interoperability, readiness, and effectiveness of both the US and the Philippines,” the US embassy said.

The Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) , is the vehicle that pave the way for the  Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to receive select munitions and equipment from US military stock through an accelerated purchase process reserved for allies and close partners of the United States.

But for security purposes the US embassy did not disclose the amount or quantity of the new ammunition and explosives delivery to the AFP.

“The United States is a proud and steadfast ally of the Philippines and will continue to engage in mutually beneficial military cooperation to enhance the capabilities of our forces,” the Embassy said.

The prepared statement further states that, the latest delivery is one of many made recently by the US through the MLSA, that directly support AFP members engaged in counterterrorism operations.

A couple of weeks ago the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), reported that the US intensified its military mission in the Philippines after the latter requested for more assistance in defeating the ISIS-backed insurgents that laid siege the Islamic city of Marawi.   *

The reports states that the Pentagon had reportedly renamed its anti-terrorism mission in the Philippines from “Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines” to “Operation Pacific Eagle,” marking a new phase of counterterrorism efforts here and in the region.

Report from Manila Bulletin



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